Training stature figure sexy underwear novels

Guidelines for mastering stature

To wear sexy and sexy underwear, you first need to master the guidelines for stature.The characteristics of stunners are full of chest, thin waist, and full hips.Therefore, it is important to choose the right sexy underwear style.

Choose the right sexy lingerie style

According to different parts of the body, choose different styles of sexy underwear.For example, a wave -shaped bra is suitable for women with full chest, and briefs are suitable for women with full hips.In addition, you must consider comfort when selecting sexy underwear, do not pursue too tight styles.

Pay attention to color matching

Different colors of sexy underwear can show different temperament.The bright color sexy underwear is suitable for women who want to show girly. Dark -colored sexy underwear such as black, white, and red can show the mature and sexy side of women.

Use the details to design and modify the figure

The details on the sexy underwear can cleverly modify the shortcomings of the figure.If some sexy underwear adds wrinkle design on the chest or hips, the chest and hips will look fuller.

Choose suitable texture and material

The sexy underwear of different materials has different texture and feel, and it is important to choose the material that suits you.At the same time, some high -end brands of sexy underwear use special fabrics, such as silk, lace, etc., which can make women’s quality of life even higher.

Consider occasion and atmosphere

When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider the occasion and atmosphere.Seeds such as gatherings and parties are suitable for choosing bright and dynamic styles. In important occasions, dating and other situations, dark colors such as black and red are more suitable for showing mature charm of women.

Pay attention to the brand and quality when buying

When buying sexy underwear, you must choose regular brands and reliable products.Some low -quality erotic underwear can affect physical health, and damage to underwear can easily cause embarrassing situations.

Proper maintenance and cleaning

Interesting underwear is a close -fitting clothing, so maintenance and cleaning are particularly important.It is recommended to use hand washing to avoid using washing machines and bleaching agents.In addition, sexy underwear storage also needs special attention.

Create style in combination with your own temperament

Finally, it reminds women not to follow the trend when choosing sexy underwear, and choose according to their own temperament and preferences to create a style that suits them.

In general, choosing the right sexy underwear requires multiple factors.Mastering these guidelines, women can show their charm more confidently.

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