Um wear sexy underwear

Um wear sexy underwear

Wearing sex underwear is a pleasant experience. Many women are looking for fun in clothing, and sexy underwear is one of them.From the perspective of color, materials, sexy, etc., there are many types of sexy underwear.If you want to know more about sexy underwear types, this article will introduce you to some basic content.

Sexy lingerie

Sexual feelings are a sexy underwear that focuses on external performance.It meets the psychological needs of women with complex design and decoration, and enhances women’s self -esteem and charm.The best -selling sexual erotic underwear is often designed by famous designers, but it does not mean that every customer can feel the same effect on sexy underwear.Therefore, you should choose a sexual and emotional interesting underwear that suits you.

Barcoves sexy underwear

Belt and sexy underwear is a very popular sexy underwear in recent years.It is usually composed of a series of thin bands, which are intertwined through the body and visually create a very sexy and physical effect.Of course, the risk of wearing is also very high, and you need to wear it very carefully.The charm of such sex underwear is that most parts of the body can be exposed, and at the same time, it can reduce the discomfort caused by some conventional underwear to the skin.

Mesh underwear

Netlog underwear is a relatively light and ventilated and very comfortable sexy underwear.Its main feature is that light and thin materials and feminine design make people look more sexy and charming.The mesh underwear is made of transparent mesh materials, revealing the curve of the chest and legs.

Lace lace underwear

Lace lace underwear has become a classic type of sexy underwear.The main feature of this sexy underwear is that it is very soft and avoids too gorgeous decoration.Lace lace underwear usually only contains some details, such as lace or color, without making too many fancy designs as a whole.This makes it very suitable for daily wear, not just under special circumstances.

Shoulder -free underwear

The shoulder -free underwear is a very popular type of sexy underwear.It is usually composed of bra and underwear. The underwear is replaced by a adjustable loose bandage. It can achieve a close effect by adjusting the tightness of the bandage.This underwear does not need to worry about being stuck in the shoulder strap, ensuring the appropriateness of the bra.

Tube top underwear

The tube top underwear is usually put on the chest with a strap with a small arm length, and at the same time shows the plump parts.The tube top underwear makes women feel very confident.This underwear is particularly popular in summer and tropical climate because it allows the human body to breathe and cool.

Dancer underwear

Dancers underwear is a kind of sexy underwear that is very deeply influenced by Japanese popular culture.It is usually composed of transparent suits, stockings, wooden crickets, etc., which is very suitable for wearing in fun performances.Dancers underwear are more suitable for performance and sexual places, not daily wear.

Role -playing underwear

Playing underwear is a very popular type of sexy underwear.It is usually used to try various role -playing to make fun more interesting.The role -playing underwear can be a rabbit girl, police, nurse, and even costume costumes. You can choose the corresponding style according to your favorite character.

Metal underwear

Metal underwear is usually made of aluminum alloy, steel or iron. They are a very sexy and dangerous sexy underwear.Wearing metal underwear requires very careful selection of size and feeling to prevent discomfort or pain.


Wearing sex underwear is a very personalized and pleasant experience.As a professional sexy underwear expert, I hope my point can help you understand more about the type of love underwear.Of course, you should consider your situation and needs when choosing a sexy underwear.Following your own intuition, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you is the best choice.

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