Uniform is free of erotic shirt


With the continuous pursuit of the quality of sexual life, sexy underwear has become one of the hot topics of public.Among them, uniforms are loved and sought after by sexual love enthusiasts.

What is a uniform free sex lingerie

Uniform free sex underwear is a unique sexy underwear. It is usually composed of bra, underwear or three -point type. The design of the bra is inspired by various professional uniforms, such as nurses, police, stewardess, etc., and the underwear uses an easy -to -free design.Convenient to penetrate and take off in the process of sex.

The advantages of uniform free sex lingerie

1. Stronger irritation

The design inspiration of uniforms from sexy underwear can satisfy all kinds of sexual fantasies, can better irritate the visual and psychological feelings of sex and sex, and make sex more passionate and exciting.

2. Easy to wear and take off

Traditional sexy underwear may disrupt the atmosphere, while wearing difficulties can also affect sex quality.The free design of uniforms free of sexy underwear can be worn and free from any place anytime, anywhere, making sexual life smoother.

3. Enhance sexyness

Especially for women, wearing uniforms from sexy underwear, cooperating with sexy makeup and high heels can significantly enhance their sexyness, promote self -confidence, and make sexual life better.

How to choose a uniform to free sex underwear

1. Choose the style according to personal gender, characteristics, preferences

Various fantasies in the process of sex are not the same, so choosing a uniform that suits you is one of the key.

2. Consider comfort

Although the design of uniforms from sexy underwear is mainly pursuing sexy, it is also necessary to consider the comfort of wearing.Sex or poor texture of sexy underwear affects sex experience.

3. Confirm the size

Nowadays, uniforms in the market are free of sexy underwear, but the size is not really reliable.It is best to try it on before buying, so as not to disturb the atmosphere due to inappropriate sizes in the process of sex.

Uniform free sex lingerie wearing skills

1. Internal and external matching

In order to get a better visual effect, you can wear uniforms to avoid sexy underwear with his sexy underwear or pajamas to highlight the sexy charm of uniform free sex underwear.

2. Accessories

In the process of sex, wearing some appropriate accessories, such as lace gloves, lace stockings, high heels, etc., can make yourself more sexy and charming and inspiring passion.

3. Use correctly

When wearing uniforms to avoid sexy underwear, adjust according to your body and feelings to avoid improperly affected the process of sex.

The maintenance method of uniform free sex underwear

1. Hand washing

Because the fabric of uniforms from sexy underwear is relatively thin, if washed with a washing machine, the fabric will be worn.Therefore, it is recommended to use a hand washing method to use the neutral detergent, and the water temperature is controlled at about 30 ° C.

2. Don’t bask in the sun

Uniforms are more likely to be damaged by ultraviolet rays from uniforms, which causes color fading and material degradation.Therefore, do not expose to the sun.

3. Save way

After cleaning, put your uniforms from sexy underwear in dry, ventilated, and cool places to avoid long -term stacker, so as not to affect the next dressing effect.

How to solve all kinds of embarrassment when buying

1. Choose a professional sales store

Professional sexual products stores usually provide a variety of uniforms to free sex underwear for customers to choose from.

2. Choose online shopping

For people who are not used to entering physical stores, they can buy sexy underwear through the Internet and avoid embarrassment.

3. Pay attention to privacy when shopping

When buying sexy underwear, try to choose ways to keep confidential and privacy, such as choosing anonymous EMS to ship and acquisition through private courier.

Uniform free sex underwear is not suitable for people

1. Skin allergy

Because the fabrics of uniforms are thinner and easy to stimulate the skin, skin allergies are not suitable for wearing.

2. Women during pregnancy

Women’s body size changes greatly during pregnancy, so wearing erotic underwear is easy to not be suitable for the body. It is not recommended to try.

3. People with disability

The physical dysfunction of people with disabilities is serious, and there are inconvenience to wear sexy underwear and need to consider it carefully.


In short, uniform free sexy underwear provides a rich sex experience and fun fun.When choosing and wearing, we must consider gender, comfort, style and other aspects, while paying attention to maintenance and maintenance.Let’s pursue a richer and exciting sex experience together!

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