Unprocessed Taobao sex underwear show

What is Taobao sex underwear show

Taobao sex underwear show refers to a short video shot by the merchant when selling sexy underwear on Taobao online.This video is usually shot by models wearing sexy underwear to display the styles and wear effects of underwear, attract buyers to buy.

The problem of the existence of Taobao sex underwear show

Although the Taobao sex underwear show helps buyers to better understand and choose to buy sexy underwear to a certain extent, there are some problems in this way.

Not in line with Chinese cultural traditions

China is a country that focuses on civilization, quality and morality. Some scenes and pictures appearing in the sex underwear show may be separated from traditional Chinese culture, causing some moral and conceptual controversy.

Easy to cause errors to consume concepts

Fun underwear shows usually use long -legged and big breasts. This deviation visual affects the judgment of the buyer.Many consumers will think that sexy underwear is only suitable for people with good figures and ignore the essential function of underwear, which will lead to some wrong consumption concepts.

Fake advertisements and misleading publicity

Some sexy lingerie shows and pictures are very superb. Models wearing sex underwear look beautiful, but this does not mean that the quality and dressing effect of the underwear must be worth buying.In addition, there are some false advertisements and misleading publicity in the sexy underwear show, which will lead to consumers’ dissatisfaction and complaints.

Quality and quality cannot be guaranteed

In Taobao’s sex underwear show, merchants often attract consumers’ purchase by low -cost promotion, but the quality and quality of these products cannot be guaranteed.After buying blindly, consumers may find that the style, materials and size of the underwear are not in line with pictures and descriptions, and they are also uncomfortable to use.

Taobao needs to strengthen management

In view of these problems existing in the Taobao sex lingerie show, Taobao platform needs to strengthen the management and supervision of merchants to avoid some bad merchants using the sexy underwear show to trick consumers.

Consumers should keep a sober mind

When buying sexy underwear, consumers should maintain a sober mind and not be affected by various advertisements and publicity.The best way is to listen to the evaluations and opinions of other consumers, and choose credible merchants and products.

Interesting underwear still has to wear the right attitude

Finally, we must recognize the nature of sexy underwear. It is designed to add interest and fun, not to be exposed or showing off.Correctly wearing attitudes and good taste can allow us to better enjoy the fun of sexy underwear.


Taobao sex underwear show is a marketing method. Although it can attract the attention of buyers, there are some problems.When buying sexy underwear, consumers should choose credible merchants and appropriate products according to their needs and actual situations, so as not to be confused by false advertisements and misleading publicity.Interest underwear should be worn with the right attitude to truly play its fun.

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