Very excessive binding sexy underwear


Recently, more and more women have begun to try sexy underwear. One of the more popular types is to bundle sexy underwear.Binding erotic underwear focuses on the temptation and charming temperament. The overall design style has the characteristics of European and American style.

What is a tied erotic underwear?

Binding erotic underwear refers to "tightly" binding different parts of the body with ropes, belts, straps and other means, thereby adding their charming sense and allowing women to experience different pleasure during sex.Among them, a more popular type is to restrain the corset.

Design and characteristics of restraint corset

Resting the corset is a sexy underwear similar to the corset, but it is different from ordinary corset. It is usually composed of straps, loose bands, metal rings, etc., and can directly squeeze the chest together on both sides when wearing, so that soThe whole chest is more plump and sexy.

How to use sexy underwear

The method of using sexy underwear is relatively simple. Before wearing, you need to be familiar with the structure and binding method of the underwear, and then bind it according to personal habits and needs.It is worth noting that during the binding process, avoid too tight or tight tightness to avoid affecting the comfort of wearable.

What kind of crowd is suitable for?

Binding sexy underwear is suitable for women with boldness and strong curiosity about new things.The process of wearing and binding sexy underwear is like a kind of foreplay of sex, allowing women to understand the body and their own sexual needs in deeper, thereby improving the quality of sex.


When choosing to bundle sexy underwear, pay attention to whether different styles and sizes are suitable for your body, and whether the material has a stimulating effect on the skin.In addition, in the process of dressing, pay attention to keeping clean and dry.

Charming and sexy is two different things

Although binding of sexy underwear can increase the charming and sexy degree of women, it is not necessarily suitable for everyone.When selecting sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to your body, temperament, age and other factors, and respect your own aesthetics and comfort.

How to match other clothing?

The wearing of sexy underwear is similar to ordinary underwear, which can be matched according to personal preferences and needs.The more popular way of wear is to directly match with nude skirts, shorts, stockings, or lace gauze skirts.

Our conclusion

In general, binding sexy underwear is a more luxurious, adult -oriented sex toy. Women who are pursuing fresh stimuli and courage to try can try it.However, pay attention to your physical condition and comfort.

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