Wear sex underwear in school

Wear sex underwear in school

European and American sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular, becoming the favorite of many sexy women and fashion girls.Wearing sexy, soft and sexy sexy underwear is the dream of many girls.However, wearing sexy underwear in school is a controversial topic.In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of sexy underwear in the school.


Sexy underwear focuses on the sexy and styling of design, and comfort is often secondary.Especially in the summer, wearing some gathering sexy underwear often makes people feel sultry and uncomfortable.However, some sexy underwear is very good, which can maintain sexy and not make you feel uncomfortable.For girls who value comfort very much, it is recommended to choose a good material and comfortable design of sexy underwear.In this way, you can be more comfortable and confident when wearing sexy underwear in school.

Suitable scene

Interest underwear is not suitable for every occasion.It is obviously inappropriate to wear sexy underwear for schools.On campus, everyone needs to respect the school’s regulations. It is appropriate to wear themselves and wear some clothing that meets the school.Of course, if you are a bold and confident girl, you can choose some low -key, sexy, and comfortable designs when choosing sexy underwear, so as to avoid offending the feelings of others.

Impact image

In school, every student is shown in his own image.How to shape a positive image is a question that every student should think.Wearing a sexy underwear may have a bad impact on your image.In school, wearing erotic underwear makes people feel unhealthy, which will make people question your sense of responsibility and learning attitude.Therefore, when considering wearing a sexy underwear in school, we must weigh your own image and comfort, appropriate occasions and other factors.

According to school regulations

The school is an institution that plays a regulatory role in students’ learning and life.The school has its own regulations, and wearing must also comply with school regulations.If the school stipulates that you cannot wear a messy underwear, you must follow, and do not violate the school regulations because of love.Of course, you can refer to the school’s regulations. Selecting some novel and comfortable underwear similar to sexy underwear can not only satisfy your pursuit of fashion, but also not violate the school’s regulations. This is the most wise choice.


Wearing tight, beautiful, and sexy sexy underwear can show your own personality and highlight your self -confidence and pursuit.As a young girl, it is important to show personality and pursuing fashion.Wearing erotic underwear is a way to express self, but you need to consider on some occasions and places.In school, if you choose to wear a sexy underwear, you can choose some classic styles, so that you have neither personality and in line with school regulations.

Pay attention to health

When choosing to wear sexy underwear, girls must pay attention to their health.The design of some sexy underwear will have a certain impact on women’s health, such as letting the body tight, causing imperceptor and other problems.Therefore, girls who wear sexy underwear should pay attention to the suitable style that will not be affected.Health is the most important thing. Don’t be too fashionable and ignore your body.

Social effect

Wearing sexy underwear may have an important impact on their performance in the social circle.On the one hand, in their own pursuit, through the unique temperament of sexy underwear, it shows its own characteristics and personality, and it will also attract the attention of the high -end social circle and enhance their status and influence in the social circle.On the other hand, if you wear too casually, do not consider your own image and occasion, the opposite is the opposite, which will make yourself lose his status in the social circle and make people impressions.


In school, we must respect everyone, including teachers, classmates and school regulations.Whether we are wearing or behavior, we need to comply with the rules.Wearing a sexy underwear is a way to love fashion, but in principle, we cannot violate school regulations and respect the feelings of others.

in conclusion

In the school, you still need to consider it carefully.We can start with the right occasions, our own pursuit, suitable for physical and compliance with school regulations. Choose the right sexy underwear, appropriate occasions, and maintain respect.At the same time, we must also realize that wearing is good for showing ourselves and pursuing the most beautiful ourselves, but not to violate discipline and damage the feelings of others.

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