Wear sex underwear on stage novels


For women who love dance performances, wearing a sexy sexy underwear and high heels may be very attractive.Until recently, only models and royal members dared to wear such clothes on the stage.Now, this trend is very popular in various concerts, evenings, art performances and nightclubs.

The benefits of wearing sex underwear on the stage

First of all, wearing sexy underwear can make women more confident and comfortable on the stage, because these clothes are designed to improve the advantages and beautiful curves of women’s figure.Secondly, this clothing can attract the attention of the audience and help dancers perform and convey their personality and performance style.

Recommended sexy underwear style

If you plan to wear a sexy underwear on the stage, the following are some recommended styles and types:

Personal style: These clothes are very close to wear, usually there are some frictions, which are very suitable for female dancers who need a lot of exercise and rotation.

Hollow style: This style is designed with hollow, transparent mesh, etc., allowing the audience to fully appreciate the beautiful curves and attitudes of women.

Lace style: This style usually uses lace and silk materials, which can retain the mystery of women, but also show women’s sexy and beautiful

Skills on the stage on sex underwear

Although it looks very easy to wear a sexy underwear on the stage, it requires some skills.Here are some matters that need attention:

Confidence: Women who wear such clothes need to be confident, natural, and show their own style and advantages.

Synchronization with music: Performers need to move with music in the rhythm of music, while showing physical movements at the same time, and pay attention to the differences in the different matching clothes of sexy underwear.

Lighting effect: It is recommended to use colorful lights in stage lighting to help highlight the body of women, and it can also better show the advantages of sexy underwear and clothes.

With high heels

For many women, wearing high heels can make the leg lines more beautiful, and at the same time provide women with better balance and stability, making them more confident and bold on the stage.It is recommended to choose high -heeled shoes with similar color underwear.

Falling underwear maintenance

The maintenance of sexy underwear is very important, which can ensure that the clothes remain perfect after performing.Here are some maintenance suggestions:

Hand washing: Use hand washing instead of machine washing to avoid wear and deformation.It is best to use some mild laundry to avoid damage to the fabric.

Avoid exposure: Do not expose to the sun to avoid color fading and relaxation.

Professional maintenance: If necessary, send sexy underwear to a professional dry cleaning shop or laundry for maintenance.

Sexy underwear matching points

Some common sexy underwear matching is as follows:

Transparent clothes: Transparent and personal clothes can be paired with opaque sexy underwear.

Tight -fitting suit: Tight -fitting clothes can wear loose sexy underwear to relax your body.

Clothing with low neckline: You can wear sexy underwear with chest to keep the clothing lines simple.


In short, wearing a sexy underwear on the stage is a move that requires confidence and courage, but at the same time, it can also bring many benefits, such as improving self -confidence and women’s charm.It is recommended to buy high -quality and beautiful sexy underwear and prepare for different performances.Finally, happily show yourself on the stage!

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