Wear sex underwear, wearing lock high heels

Wear sex underwear, wearing lock high heels

In today’s society, more and more women have begun to pay attention to their sexy charm and show them through sexy underwear and lock high -heeled shoes.The following will talk about the matching skills and precautions of wearing a sexy underwear with lock -up high -heeled shoes.

1. Understand your figure

Body is a key factor to measure whether a sexy underwear and high heels are suitable.Different types of body types require different underwear and shoes.For example, a petite woman can choose solid -color high -heeled shoes and tight sexy underwear to increase the vertical extension of the figure.Women with plump figures can choose to have hip -hip -up or local thick sexy underwear and pointed shoes, highlighting their advantages.

2. Matching accessories should be proper

Wearing sex underwear and lock high heels is not enough, and other accessories are needed to enhance the overall effect.For example, you can choose to be equipped with a lace lace or metal chain. It can improve the perceptual charm of the overall matching.

3. Color matching should be coordinated

The color matching of sexy underwear and high heels should be paid to coordination to avoid the color of the overall match is too bright or messy.You can choose colors such as black, white, pink, and high -level dark -textured underwear to wear more prominent sexy charm.

4. Differentiated to wear occasions

Wearing sex underwear and lock -locking high heels requires the factors of the occasion, and there are different specifications on different occasions.For example, in private places, you can choose open sexy underwear and lock high -heeled shoes to make yourself full of adult charm.In public, you can choose low -key sexy sexy underwear and mute high -heeled shoes to avoid embarrassing scenes.

5. Make sure comfort

Wearing sexy underwear and high heels seems full of temptation, but it may bring discomfort to the body.Therefore, pay attention to the selection of sexy underwear with soft and breathable and comfortable materials, and reduce the time of high heels. You can choose the same low heels to neutralize.

6. Regularly replace underwear and shoes

Wearing erotic underwear and high heels is a relatively special way of dressing. It needs to be replaced and cleaned regularly to ensure sanitation and material.At the same time, check whether the heel is damaged in time, and must not ignore daily maintenance because wearing sexy underwear and high heels.

7. Increase confidence and temperament

Wearing erotic underwear and high heels is not only more sexy, but also a way to enhance self -confidence and temperament.Wear the appropriate erotic underwear and high heels to make yourself more confident and elegant, exuding unique feminine charm from the inside out.

8. Know how to appreciate yourself

You need to know how to appreciate you, listen to your inner voice, and show your unique beauty.On this basis, you can choose according to the existing sexy underwear and high -heeled shoes in the market, and then create your own unique fashion taste according to factors such as your body, age, and temperament.

In short, the matching of sexy underwear and locking high heels requires sufficient preparations and considerations. Only in the right situation can choose to effectively improve your sexy charm.

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