Wearing a little fat woman wearing sexy underwear photos

Wearing a little fat woman wearing sexy underwear photos

When we mention sexy underwear, we often think of sexy and charming models, most of them have slim and charming figures.However, for micro -fat women, wearing erotic underwear may make them feel uncomfortable.However, this does not mean that slightly fat women cannot wear sexy underwear or are not suitable for sexy underwear.In this article, I will share some techniques about how to choose and wearing sexy underwear about how small fat women, while providing some sexy micro -fat women’s references to wear sexy underwear photos.

1. Select the right size

Size is one of the most important aspects when choosing sexy underwear.Choosing the right size is essential for your appearance and comfort.For fat women, wearing too large or too small underwear will make them embarrassed and uncomfortable.Therefore, choosing the correct size may require some trials.If you are not sure which size you should choose, you can consult a professional sales personnel or study the size range of the brand through the online size guide.

2. Select the right style

Although my main focus is on a slightly fat woman, it is important to choose a style that suits you when anyone chooses sex underwear.If you are a slightly fat woman, then you may need to avoid some styles that are too slim and too exposed.For example, bras and underwear can choose some more loose styles, so that they can still maintain a sexy feeling while covering some uncomfortable areas.If you are looking for some styles that are more suitable for fat women, you can choose some more structured underwear, such as stylish abdomen.

3. Pay attention to details

Details are another aspect of attention when choosing sexy underwear.Micro -fat women can divert attention by focusing on the details on the underwear, such as the lace details, folds and other lace of the underwear.This can not only increase women’s self -confidence, but also provide more fashion options.

4. Choose different styles and colors

Of course, it is also important to choose a style and color that suits you.Micro -fat women wearing fun underwear do not just choose some relatively conservative styles and colors.In fact, for slightly fat women, you can also choose some bolder colors and styles, such as the accumulated bra and dark red stacking bra and briefs underwear, or clothes such as tassel and lace.

5. Choose the right fabric

Choosing the right fabric is important for anyone, which is also applicable to a fat woman.It is best to choose some soft and comfortable fabrics, such as cotton and silk. These fabrics are not only comfortable, but also give your skin better breathing space.In addition, you can also choose some fabrics with better telescope, such as elasticity and Modal.

6. Pay attention to shaping

Body -shaping underwear is not just a choice suitable for slim women.For fat women, wearing bodywear can shape a more confident and healthy appearance.This can help women better control slightly fat areas, such as belly and hips.Choose as comfortable icing underwear as possible, and make sure that there will be no uncomfortable when trying on.

7. Pay attention to matching

Matching is another aspect of attention when choosing sexy underwear.You can increase the sense of fashion of slightly fat women by matching accessories such as high heels and belts.When choosing accessories, you can also notice your body shape, and choose some options that are more suitable for you.

8. Take sexy photos

Finally, let’s talk about a few techniques for taking sexy fat women to wear sexy underwear photos.First, choose some underwear and colors that are suitable for you.Then, choose a suitable venue and background, such as a comfortable bed or romantic candlelight.The most important thing is to relax yourself, enjoy your feelings, and try different angles and postures to express your sexy and health.

Viewpoint: The style and selection of sexy underwear should not be limited to slim women.Choosing a size, style, color, fabric and matching that suits you can make slightly fat women wear their own confidence and sexy, and have their own style and personality.

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