Wearing a sexy underwear quilt grass waves

Wearing a sexy underwear quilt grass waves

In modern society, sexy underwear is no longer a mysterious thing.More and more women recognize the charm of sexy underwear. By wearing sexy underwear, they emit themselves a more sexy and charming atmosphere.However, after wearing a sexy underwear, how should we match and what are the places to pay attention to in the process?Let’s understand together.

1. The type of sexy underwear that should be known before buying

When we are going to buy sexy underwear, we must first understand our needs and the types of sexy underwear on the market.Common sexy underwear, such as: lace sexy underwear, hollow sexy underwear, stockings, lace hanging straps and sex sets.Different types of erotic underwear are suitable for occasions and body shapes. We need to choose according to our actual situation.

2. Buy the right sexy underwear according to your figure

Different figures in different styles of sexy underwear will have different effects.For example, a full body can choose a sexy underwear similar to lace stitching, which will highlight the chest and pelvis.The slim figure is more suitable for wearing some light styles such as lace and hollow, making the figure look more fresh and exquisite.

3. Pay attention to the choice of color

Sexy underwear can be said to be bright in color and a variety of types. We should pay attention to the color matching when choosing.If you are petite, it is recommended to choose a bright color tone with a dark sexy underwear, which can highlight the curve and beautiful temperament of the body.If you prefer dark tones, you can choose color such as black, white, gray or blue and purple, and don’t choose too gorgeous colors.

4. Pay attention to the size and appropriateness of the underwear

Wearing sex underwear needs to consider size and appropriateness. Too large and small will affect the beauty and comfort of the underwear.For the selection of details and versions, you must see the details and experience it with your heart.Only in this way can the effect of comfortable and natural effects while better show the body.

5. Matching and occasion

After wearing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the matching of clothing and the appropriate occasion.It is obviously inappropriate to wear sex lingerie to work or formal occasions. You need to choose according to the situation.If you are going to participate in sexual parties or celebrations, you can choose to conceive rich sexy underwear suits, and even add some funny props according to the atmosphere to add more emotional.

6. Cold water cleaning of sexy underwear

The maintenance of sexy underwear is also a university question.Usually sexy underwear can be washed with cold water, and special cleaner is used.Although most sexy underwear is made of lace, hollow and silk materials, it is highly recommended not to use any bleach and soft agent to maintain sexy underwear.

7. Different erotic underwear matching skills

In wearing, sexy underwear can perform many different ways of dressing.For example, the matching of stockings and high heels is a very classic sexy underwear matching, which can make your legs look very charming.In terms of overall matching, you can choose to wear sexy necklaces and bracelets, and make reasonable matching to keep your heart constantly heating up.

8. Display of sexy underwear

Wearing a sexy underwear is to make yourself more sexy and charming. Therefore, it will show your body’s scattered part a little, which will be more attractive.However, don’t expose too much, too much exposure will not add charm.

9. Keep confidence

Finally, no matter what erotic underwear you wear, you need a self -confidence.You know, sexy is not just a manifestation of appearance. It is more an inner temperament. Faith is the key to exuding your own beauty.

10. Viewpoint

Wearing a sexy underwear is a kind of affirmation of yourself, and it is also a pursuit of life and goodness.However, you must not only see the surface of the surface. In the face of thousands of sexy underwear, we must understand that what really needs is to meet our body needs, suitable styles, and appropriate sexy underwear.Charm of wearing.

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