Wearing sex lingerie Korean movie R -Class

Wearing sex lingerie Korean movie R -Class

With people’s open attitude towards sex, sexy underwear has gradually become an indispensable element in sex, and Korean movies have always been a good choice for home nights.So what kind of situation is R -c -Class wearing a sexy underwear?Let’s take a look together.

The sexy underwear played by the devil

In the Korean film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Trap", the heroine wears a red sexy underwear and plays a devil role.Her dressing made the movie viewers greatly stimulate, but this stimulus not only came from the sexy underwear itself, but from a unique temperament shown by her wearing erotic underwear.

The sexy underwear of the black series

In another Korean movie "Lovers", the heroine appeared in front of the camera wearing black sexy underwear.Different from the sexy underwear in other movies, it is more of a prop. This set of black series of sexy underwear is more as the incarnation of the image of the heroine, representing the mystery and sexy of women.

Touching people’s sexy underwear

Fun underwear usually has the characteristics of touching people. In the Korean movie "Hidden Temptation", the heroine wore a set of repeated touch and excellent touch of sexy underwear, which brings a great sense of experience to the viewers.This sense of touch of humanity can play a role of temptation and excitement in sex, which makes people want to stop.

Display the sexy underwear of the curve

Interest underwear is not just for pure sex services. It is also an excellent choice for women to show their own curves.In the Korean movie "Fighting Sister", the heroine wears a set of sexy underwear that shows curves, which not only presents her own curve to the audience, but also plays more stimulating role in sex.

Complex sexy underwear

Some sexy underwear is very complicated and requires some wisdom and skills to put it on.In the Korean movie "Love Kill", the heroine wore a set of complex sexy underwear, allowing the audience to see the difficulty and experience of wearing this sexy underwear.For the wearer, successful wearing this sexy underwear will also bring a great sense of accomplishment.

Velvet series sexy underwear

In the Korean movie "Who is Pregnant Women", the heroine wears a series of fluffy series of sexy underwear, with a very cute and warm atmosphere.This sexy underwear is very thick and soft. After wearing it, it can not only provide warmth for women, but also stimulate the touch of men in sex to bring more fun.

Fairy underwear for back design

The background is usually one of the important elements of female sexy. In the Korean movie "Out of the Maze", the heroine wore a set of erotic underwear with a back -back design, which fully demonstrated the female background curve.And its gorgeous back design also makes the viewers full of reveries and fantasies.

Wangyue series of sexy underwear

In the Korean movie "Women Like the Moon", the heroine wore a set of sexy lingerie in the Moon series appeared in front of the movie watchmaker.The design of this sexy underwear is inspired by the mystery and beauty of the moon, which complement the temperament and sexy of women.It makes full use of the inspiration of the moon, giving women a softer and mysterious atmosphere.


Wearing a sexy underwear appears in the movie lens, it can fully express the sexy of women, but also add more fun to sex.In Korean movies, the heroines wearing sexy underwear have different forms, but they have made movie viewers get more stimulus and experience.

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