What brands are there in sex and emotional lingerie

What brands are there in sex and emotional lingerie

1. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s secret is one of the largest sexy underwear brands in the United States. Its founder Roy Raymond is very experienced for women to create sexy and comfortable sexy underwear.The brand is famous for its colorful colors, unique printing and detail design.

2. La Perla

La Perla is a sexy underwear brand from Italy. It is famous in the world with luxurious, elegant and unique style.The brand focuses on details and texture. Comfortable fabrics and superb craftsmanship are also one of its characteristics.

3. Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a British sex lingerie brand. The brand advocates that women’s beauty is not only superficial, but also the mysterious charm from the inside.Its design is sexy, gorgeous and avant -garde, focusing on the clever combination of retro and modern techniques.

4. Bluebella

Bluebella is a sexy underwear brand from the UK. The brand is well -known and well -known.It focuses on design details, especially in hand -embroidered and lace -up parts, and the fabrics are also very comfortable.

5. Chateelle

Chantelle is a French -free underwear brand from France. Its design advocates that women’s figures are centered and focusing on the integration of design and quality.The brand’s underwear style is classic, including shoulder -free underwear, triangular underwear and dress -style underwear.

6. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is one of the world’s well -known fashion brands. Calvin Klein’s sexual and emotional fun underwear integrates classics and modern elements with a slight sports style.Whether it is denim trousers or high -end evening dresses, it can create a perfect curve for women.

7. Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky is a American sex lingerie brand, with a light design style.Most of the brand styles use lace and thin satin fabrics, and the iconic low -waist triangle is loved by women.

8. Wolford

Wolford is a sexy underwear brand from Austria. It is famous for its novel design and high -end positioning.The brand uses high -quality fabrics, often after many precision processing, most of them are sexy style, and also pay attention to comfort and quality.

9. Implicite

Implicite is a French emerging erotic lingerie brand. Its design style is avant -garde. It uses advanced computer software and advanced machines to integrate the power of these two and create a real very feminine!It is characterized by elegant and simplified segmentation lines designed, high -quality, breathable fabrics and fit design.


AUBADE is a French -free underwear brand. The design focuses on fineness, elegance and restraint, and the style is incorporated into the elegance of traditional French design.The brand’s underwear comfort is very high, and the fabric is also very particular. Its extreme details and superb manuals are loved by women.

The above is currently the most popular sexual emotional interest underwear brand. Each brand has different characteristics and classic styles.Women can choose the most suitable brand according to their style and preferences.

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