What is Yao wearing a sexy underwear?

What is Yao wearing a sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a fashionable for modern women, and it is also a good helper to increase interest and change the atmosphere.But different styles are suitable for different occasions and figures. So, what should Yao wearing sex underwear?Below, let’s find out together.

Comparative priority

Interest underwear is different from ordinary underwear. Its design is more bold and unique, but when you buy, you must first consider comfort.Especially for Yao, who is good at exercise and exercise, comfort must be the first consideration."Whether it is fabric or design, it cannot affect my normal activities and movements at work." – This is the highest criterion for Yao to buy.

Style selection

There are many fun underwear brands and different styles. When buying, Yao needs to pay attention to two points.First, the style must be in line with the occasion.For example, when participating in the party, Yao can choose sexy hot styles, and when wearing everyday, you can choose a simple and generous style.Secondly, you must consider the characteristics of your body.The style suitable for your body will better highlight the advantages of Yao, while blocking your flaws.

Material requirements

For the requirements of comfort, the material is also the decisive factor.For Yao, who is sensitive to skin, choosing underwear with natural organic materials is a better choice.Natural cotton material is not only soft and soft, but also has better breathability, which can better maintain the health of internal private parts.

color match

Black and white are the most commonly selected colors when wearing erotic underwear, because these two colors are simple and generous, and it is easy to match a variety of different clothing and occasions, and it is also basically suitable for Yao Yao.In addition, bright red, rose red or dark blue is also a common choice, but Yao has to make choices based on his temperament and style.

Decorative style

Yao has tried to decorate the decoration of different materials such as jets, lace, linen, etc.However, in terms of decoration, we should still pay attention to balance, do not excessively pick, so as not to cause excessive visual impact.


Yao likes to lace -style sexy underwear. It not only has a comfortable dress, but also has a different kind of sexy charm.The details of lace lace are a major feature of sexy underwear. It makes Yao look more delicate and elegant in dressing, and has greater femininity.

Cup and chest shape

Different cup shapes will better shape different chest shapes. When choosing, Yao will make choices based on their actual situation.However, in general, it is best to choose some thick cups or sexy underwear with thick cups or filled materials to shape your chest shape.


Wearing sexy underwear usually does not leave any traces, so it is also higher in the matching.Yao usually chooses some loose tops to cover the underwear, or choose a V -neck top to show the beauty when wearing a sexy underwear. This is a more common way of matching.


In general, Yao’s sexy underwear must take into account various factors such as his comfort, wearing requirements, figure restrictions, and material selection.Only in the case of fully considering these factors, you can choose the sexy underwear that suits you best."In addition to increasing fun underwear, it is more confident and more comfortable to make yourself feel more confident and comfortable. Whether you are on any occasion, you can show your beauty confidently." This is Yao’s view of sexy underwear.

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