What production cost of sexy underwear

What production cost of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a sexy underwear, which originated in European and American culture. It is a major emerging trend in the underwear market that has attracted much attention in recent years.But what is the production cost of sexy underwear?Below we will analyze the production cost of sexy underwear.

Material costs

In the production process of sexy underwear, the main cost is the cost of material.The materials used in sex underwear are usually high -end, high -quality fabrics, such as lace, silk, etc. The origin and quality of these materials affect the cost of material.Under normal circumstances, the cost of the material of a sexy underwear accounts for more than 50%of the total cost.

Design cost

Interest underwear is different from other underwear. It needs to highlight the teasingness, so design is also an important factor that affects costs.In order to ensure that sexy underwear can meet market demand and get higher sales, designers will design different styles and styles based on market research results, but this cost may account for 5%-10%of total costs.

Cost of production

Production cost refers to the cost that costs in the production process of fun underwear, such as labor costs, energy costs, equipment costs, etc.In the production process, many people need to participate in it. From technical workers to quality inspectors, each process requires different personnel to participate.This cost usually accounts for 10%-15%of the total cost.

Packaging cost

The production of good sexy underwear needs to be packaged, which is also a necessary cost.The packaging of sexy underwear usually needs to be beautiful, sophisticated, and special, so it looks different, so the packaging cost is also very high.This cost usually accounts for 5%-8%of the total cost.

transportation cost

Interest underwear is different from other ordinary underwear. Its sales range and sales channels are relatively special, so it is different from universal sales models.The cost of transportation contains the costs incurred from factories to distributors or sales outlets.This cost usually accounts for 3-5%of the total cost.

Marketing cost

Marketing costs are the costs incurred during the sales process of sexy underwear, including advertising publicity fees, marketing fees, promotional expenses, etc.Because the sales of sexy underwear are different from traditional underwear sales, the efforts of publicity and promotion will increase. This part of the cost usually accounts for 10%-15%of the total cost.

Channel cost

The sales of sex underwear are very close to the channels and need to be sold through distributors or retailers.Channel costs include the cost of distributors, agents, and the cost of sales channels.This part of the cost usually accounts for about 10%of the total cost.

Management cost

As a new underwear market, sexy underwear needs to be stricter to ensure the quality of the product and the stability of the market.Management costs include the salary of managers, the cost of management equipment, etc. This cost usually accounts for 5%-7%of the total cost.


In general, the production cost of sexy underwear is mainly divided into material cost, design cost, production cost, packaging cost, transportation cost, marketing costs, channel costs, and management costs.The cost of each aspect cannot be ignored, and it is a factor that affects the final price of sexy underwear.If you can reduce related costs, the price of sexy underwear can be more favorable, which is more suitable for the audience.

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