What kind of material is expensive

What kind of material is expensive

Sex underwear is an important way for modern women to show self -charm and sexy.And the material of sexy underwear is different, and the price will be very different.So, what kind of material is expensive?The following will analyze it one by one.

1. Silk material sexy underwear

As a high -grade fabric, silk is well -favored by consumers.The erotic underwear made of silk is not only comfortable to wear, but also naked and sexy.However, the price of silk materials in silk materials is relatively high, and it is not mainstream in the market.

2. Lace material sexy underwear

Lace’s sexy underwear is designed with hook weaving lace. After a special processing process, it has high vision and good texture.This underwear is soft, breathable, and light, which is very suitable for showing women’s sexy curves.But the sexy underwear of lace is also a relatively expensive product.

3. Sex material sexy underwear

The sexy underwear of leather materials has extraordinary sexy charm and high wearable experience, which makes women show very strong sexy and confident confidence.However, the sexy underwear of leather materials is obviously more expensive than other materials.

4. Sexy underwear of pure cotton material

Pure cotton -making sexy underwear has the characteristics of softness, breathable, and moisturizing, and is widely used in the market’s diverse sexy lingerie.The sexy lingerie of pure cotton is cheap, and consumers are easy to accept.

5. Funny underwear of artificial silk material

The sexy underwear made of artificial silk is a product made of high -tech fiber.This sexy underwear has the characteristics of softness, lightness, low sensitivity, and is also loved by more women.However, the price of artificial silk materials is relatively high than other materials.

6. Sexy underwear of nylon material

Nylon -based sexy underwear is both breathable and soft, suitable for wearing in hot summer.At the same time, the sexy underwear of nylon materials is not easy to shrink and easy to care for, which is one of the reasons for its mainstream products.However, the price of nylon -made sexy underwear is not much different from pure cotton sexy underwear.

7. Sexy underwear of polyester material

The sexy underwear of polyester material has the characteristics of softness, breathability, and anti -wrinkle.Due to the low cost, the price of polyester materials is relatively low in price than other materials.The sexy underwear of this material can provide a variety of different fabrics and styles, suitable for different consumer groups.

8. Falling underwear for beads

The sexy lingerie of the beads is usually designed for high -end markets.This sexy lingerie is high -end atmosphere and is equipped with more exquisite beaded decoration, making the entire underwear full of attractive atmosphere.Compared to other sexy lingerie materials, the price of sexy lingerie in the material of beads is relatively high.

9. Modal material’s sexy underwear

The sexy underwear of Modal’s material is a high -tech fiber product. Its products have both natural fibers, artificial fibers, and synthetic fibers. They can effectively absorb hygroscopic, sweat, and maintain odor.The erotic underwear of Modal’s material has the characteristics of softer, anti -wrinkle, and fast drying. However, the corresponding price is also higher.

10. Sexy underwear of latex material

The sexy underwear made of latex is a prominent shaping underwear. Its high -quality and excellent comfortable nature is widely recognized by consumers.The sexy underwear material for latex is easy to modify, but the price is relatively high.


When choosing a sexy underwear, material is an important consideration.Consumers should choose a reasonable shopping budget according to their actual needs and economic capabilities.In general, higher -quality sexy underwear requires consumers to invest more costs, but wearing quality and experience are irreplaceable.

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