What kind of sexy underwear to wear flirting


In romantic scenes, flirting is a very important part, which can bring romance and passion.And sexy underwear is one of the tricks to increase the atmosphere of flirting.So, what kind of sexy underwear is wearing flirting?Let’s analyze below.

Suitable for your own style

What style of sexy underwear to wear in love must consider your preferences and the other half.If you like a sweet style, you can choose white or pink sexy underwear with details on the edge of lace.If you like mature charm, black lace high -waisted tight tight -fitting and sexy underwear, sexy and charming.When choosing a style, don’t forget to respect the other half.

Color choice

In addition to styles, color choices are also important.Bright red or black is a very sexy color, suitable for appearing under the romantic atmosphere.Pink or white is more suitable for fresh and sweet routes.Of course, there are other colors, and you must choose according to the occasion and your temperament.

Material texture

The choice of materials should be determined according to the season and use.Choose underwear with thin texture in summer to avoid discomfort caused by the impermeable sweat.In winter, you need to choose a well -preserved underwear to increase interest.In addition, the quality of the material is also very important, and we must choose comfortable and soft fabrics.

Design details

The details of the design can not only show the elegant charm and sexy characteristics of women, but also increase the fun of flirting.For example, the sexy design of red lace, the mesh structure of the chest, and the lace on the waist can reflect the charm of women.

Suitable on the occasion

Choosing the right sexy underwear must not only consider styles, colors, materials, and details, but also need to consider the occasional factors.If it is indoor private atmosphere, you can selectively sexy underwear to stimulate eroticism; if you go out for open -air activities, you need to consider factors such as comfort and temperature.

Confidence and display

Wearing a sexy underwear, showing the beautiful body lines while also showing women’s confidence.Confidence is the best dress.When wearing a sexy underwear, women should dare to show their body lines instead of being timid and shy.The body display makes you look more charming.

Preparation before dating people

Before dating people, you can invest a small amount of fragrance in your hips, or spray some light perfume to make the atmosphere of the date more increased the mysterious atmosphere of women.If wearing some unique erotic underwear, it will make men a lot of surprises.

Wearing skills

The main points of wearing sexy underwear are not only in buying, but also very important to wear skills.Don’t be too tight, do not wear loose, and avoid wrinkles to avoid affecting the effect.

About the matching of accessories

The choice of accessories is also the key.Sexy high heels and champagne wines will look more delicate; soft bathrobes can increase women’s gentleness.When choosing sexy underwear, choose a variety of factors such as occasions, time, atmosphere and other factors.


What kind of erotic underwear to wear?The above analyzes the factors that need to be considered from styles, colors, materials to occasions, atmosphere, and matching.Fasting underwear with Ruyi can make women’s charm more fully displayed in the appointment.Only by self -confidence, nature, and harmony can the atmosphere of flirting be displayed from the inside out.

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