What part of the sexy underwear is manifested

What is sexy sheet

Interest underwear is a special underwear, which aims to improve the sexual attraction of women and men and attract their attention and sexual desire.Unlike conventional underwear, sexy underwear has more decoration and special materials, usually includes hollow, lace, mesh and transparent parts, and more sensitive positions.

The material and accessories of sexy underwear

Sex underwear is made of a certain proportion of polyester fiber, spandex, linen and cotton.They usually have the characteristics of softer, comfortable, and hygroscopic perspiration, and the quality is higher than that of ordinary underwear.Sometimes, sexy underwear is also equipped with special accessories and accessories, such as lace, ribbon, crystal, rivet, chain, etc., which can increase sexual attractiveness and visual effects.

Falling underwear style and type

Interest underwear has a variety of styles and types, covering various needs of men and women.Women’s erotic underwear is usually designed as sexy bra, suspenders, T -shirts, pantyhose, tight pants, etc., while men’s sexy underwear includes underwear, tights, sexy swimming trunks.In addition, there are some special festivals such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween, which are specially designed to increase interest and drama effects.

Sexy point: chest

For women, breasts are parts that can attract the attention of male sex.Many sexy underwear emphasizes the curve and shape of the chest through various ways to increase the sexy effect.Some sexy lingerie directly exposes the chest, making women more confident and sexy.

Sexy point: hip

The hip is also a very attractive part of women.Many sexy underwear emphasizes the hip curve and increases sexy effects, such as suspenders, tight panties, hip -up pants, leather pants, etc. are a good choice.The hip decoration can be lace, silk or see -through mesh.

Sexy point: legs

Legs are one of the important parts of women’s charm.Stockings and pantyhose are the accessories for many women’s sexy underwear, which can increase sexy and charm.For men, tights and tights can also emphasize the curve of the legs and increase the sexy effect.

Sexy point: waist

The waist is another very important part, which can be used to show the proportion and curve of the figure.Some erotic underwear uses ornaments such as belt or waist chain to emphasize this part and increase sexy effects.

Sexy point: neck

The neck is also an important part of women’s charm, especially the back and neck line.Some erotic underwear can emphasize the lines and curves of the neck through designs such as ultra -low back and suspenders.In addition, different types of necklaces and neck bands are also the choice of sexy and charm.

Sexy points: private parts

Private parts are an important part of sexy underwear, covering the sensitive parts of men and women.For women’s sexy underwear, sexy points can be sexy underwear or split lace impulsive underwear.For men, sexy points can be tights or sexy underwear.

Fashionable sexy underwear style

There are always many brand creativity that pursue innovation and avant -garde in the fashion industry. From details to fashionable design, it always focuses on the core concept of sexy underwear.Many trendy brands have launched a series of sexy underwear, including designing unique bras, front plackets, lace, knitted materials, etc.These creative design effects also spent the sound of the sex underwear market and was widely recognized.


Interest underwear is a common cultural product in modern society. It aims to set off the body curve and show different skin tone and personal style.Through traditional design methods, combined with modern art design, erotic underwear leads a new round of cognition for physical aesthetics, and has won the love and pursuit of men and women consumers.

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