What sexy lingerie is good during lactation

What sexy lingerie is good during lactation

1. Multi -level materials comfortable support

During breastfeeding, the chest becomes more sensitive and vulnerable.It is recommended to choose underwear with multi -layered materials to provide additional comfort and support.This can ensure that your chest will not be under too much pressure during breastfeeding.This also helps avoid nipple pain or breast blockage.

2. Appropriate materials

When buying underwear, select soft cotton materials, so as to keep your skin comfortable and reduce sensitivity.In addition, synthetic materials may cause excessive sweat and stimulate the nipples, causing uncomfortable nipple pain.

3. Adjustable shoulder strap and hook buckle

The breasts of breastfeeding will continue to change, so it is best to choose adjustable shoulder straps and hook buckles.This can ensure that underwear can adapt to your physical changes and provide you with the most comfortable support and suitable personal sense.

4. Don’t be too tight or too large

Excessive tight underwear will increase the risk of nipple pain, while too large underwear cannot provide sufficient support.Make sure to choose underwear suitable for your body shape to ensure the best comfort and support.

5. Avoid fancy sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear can add fun and flirting, it is best to avoid too complicated or fancy design during breastfeeding.Simple design can ensure that you breastfeed easily and confidently, and too complicated design may increase your pressure and discomfort.

6. Disclosure cup

Choose a detachable cup underwear to breastfeed more conveniently without taking off the underwear.This can save time and make you breastfeeding easily.

7. Soft steel ring

Although some mothers think that steel ring underwear can provide better support, ductility and shape, during breastfeeding, underwear in the steel rim may limit your chest change and damage your breastfeeding health.

8. Black and dark underwear

Breast milk will be sprinkled on the underwear. In order to avoid frequent cleaning, choosing black and dark underwear is a wise choice.Breast milk can be easily hidden in dark underwear without bringing extra inconvenience to you.

9. Different models and styles of underwear

Your chest often changes during breastfeeding, so it is necessary to have a variety of models and styles of underwear.Choose different sizes and styles of underwear to ensure that your chest is best suitable without any discomfort or irritation.

10. Additional underwear backup

During breastfeeding, you may need extra spare underwear when cleaning underwear or nipples.Prepare a few sets of underwear to ensure that you feel comfortable and comfortable all the time during breastfeeding.

During breastfeeding, it is necessary to choose a comfortable, appropriate and convenient underwear.Suitable underwear can not only provide support, but also allow you to breastfeed easily.Choose a comfortable and soft underwear suitable for your bust, while avoiding tender skin and other discomfort.Each woman’s body shape and needs are different, so it is best to try different types of underwear of different types and styles in order to find underwear that is best for breastfeeding.

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