What sexy underwear wears a small woman

What sexy underwear wears a small woman


Each woman’s figure is unique, while the proportion of short women’s figure is relatively small, and the sense of balance is not strong. You need to pay special attention when choosing a fun underwear.

Material and design

Choosing the soft and comfortable sexy underwear to help add the body curve to the small women. It is recommended to choose elastic materials, such as lace, silk, etc. These materials can balance the proportion of the upper and lower parts.In terms of design, the V -collar design can be selected to show the beautiful collarbone lines of women and increase the sense of upper body proportions.

Color choice

Choosing the color that is suitable for your skin tone can help to create vivid inner emotions, and at the same time, it can also highlight the curve beauty of the figure.For short women with white skin tone, it is recommended to choose bright colors such as orange, yellow or purple.If the skin tone is yellow, it is recommended to choose dark colors, such as dark red, gray or black, which will hide the difference in skin tone.

Chest -type coordination

To make the effect of wearing sexy underwear better, you need to choose underwear that conforms to your chest shape.For women with flat chest shapes, it is recommended to choose a water bag chest pad to increase the visual sensory effect of the upper body, and you can choose a more sexy underwear with a large chest model to increase the proportion of the upper body.For women with too large breasts, you need to choose a sexy underwear with strengthening support to reduce the burden on the back and maintain the balance of the body.

Local sexy underwear

For small women, even physical and sexy underwear is a very good choice.Even the body sex underwear creates the overall sense by choosing fabrics, colors, lines and tailoring, and enhances the design of the waist and hips, which can make the body proportion more coordinated.

Precautions for seam processing

The seam processing of sexy underwear is very important.Before buying underwear, carefully check the seams and select the quality underwear.

Recommended style 1: Short underwear

Short sexy underwear can particularly emphasize the curve of the legs and increase the sense of coordination of the body.At the same time, the internal chest pads and thin pads also help increase the sensory effect of the body.It is recommended to choose a dark style style and use the matching of transparent socks.

Recommended style 2: underwear underwear

For external wear that requires more personal situations, it is recommended to choose to use underwear sex underwear.This style of underwear can be close to the body, highlight the body curve, strengthen the body proportions, and produce the visual effect of tights.In terms of accessories, you can choose to pair with high heels or stockings, and wear thin chains on the wrist.

Recommended style three: sexy pantyhose underwear

For women with short figures, choosing a sexy underwear is a very good choice. The socks of the body can be used for the beautiful curve, while creating a sexy atmosphere, enhancing the interest of life, the overall effect is very good.In terms of color selection, you can choose black or purple. These two colors can visually extend the body effect.

Recommended style 4: Deep V neckline underwear

The deep V -neckline erotic underwear can particularly highlight women’s clavicle lines and cleavage parts, show the beautiful curve beauty of women, enhance the interest of life, and the overall effect is shocking and outstanding.Note that when choosing underwear, pay attention to choose a style suitable for your chest.

in conclusion

When buying sexy underwear, short women should pay attention to the appropriateness of materials and design, coordination of chest shape, even physical sex underwear, style matching.After considering these factors, you can choose and use according to your preferences in the above four styles to create the best visual effects and enhance the interest of life.Sexy is the internal needs of every woman. Trying their favorite styles and challenging themselves can be more clear about their beauty value.

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