What should I do if wearing sexy underwear and chest expansion

What should I do if we wear sexy underwear?

When some women wear sexy underwear, they will find that their chests are difficult to plug in underwear and causes the phenomenon of chest expansion.This may make some women feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable.So how to relieve and solve this problem?The following will provide some feasible solutions.

1. Choose the right underwear

Some women believe that it is difficult to choose a proper and comfortable underwear.In this case, you need to be more cautious to choose the right sexy underwear.First of all, you should find a bra that suits you. It should not only be comfortable, but also keep the chest closely wrapped to avoid the chest expansion outward.

2. Reject too much underwear cup

If your underwear cup is larger than the size you need, then it will not completely cover your chest, which will cause the chest to expand outward and deform the chest shape.Therefore, you need to choose the size correctly according to your body condition.Make sure your underwear cup is just wrapped in your breasts, making your chest look more comfortable and natural.

3. Select the fill cup

Filling cup is a cute additional piece that can make the chest fuller and more three -dimensional.If you want to fill the cup, you can choose some shaped cups.This can help you change the ratio between breast milk and cups, making the entire chest look more natural.

4. Select 3D cup underwear

3D cup of underwear is a very popular underwear recently.The design of this kind of sexy underwear uses different shapes and lines to better wrap the chest.When you walk in a 3D cup of underwear, it will not loosen or run off, and it will make your chest look more natural.

5. chest correction clothes

If your chest expansion is more obvious, you can choose to buy chest -type correction clothes.This underwear can effectively restrain the unfinished chest, and fill the appropriate amount of rosin on both sides of the chest to make the chest look more stable and natural.

6. Do more pectoral muscle exercise

Expansion of the chest is usually caused by the fatigue of the pectoral muscles.Therefore, to solve this problem, you can do more pectoral muscle exercise, such as: push -ups, chest expansion exercises, etc.These exercises can help you train chest muscles and make your chest look firmer and healthy.

7. Balanced diet

A balanced diet is the key to maintaining good health.Different foods can help you prevent chest expansion and keep your body shape.You can choose some foods rich in nutrients such as amino acids and collagen, such as: fish, beef, etc.

8. Correct maintenance

The maintenance of the chest is equally important.Selecting some effective care products is the only way to adjust the chest shape.You can choose some care products with breast enhancement, such as lotion.

In general, if women want to wear their sexy and confident side, they need to find the sexy underwear that suits them best, and start in many ways to solve the problem of chest expansion.Through appropriate underwear, exercise, diet, maintenance and other methods, the chest looks more beautiful and natural.

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