What to do if sexy underwear is worn well

How to wear a good sexy underwear

Putting on sex underwear is the opportunity to show her sexy and beautiful opportunities.But how can we wear fun underwear?Here are a few small titles to help you with a problem.

Buy the right sexy underwear

First of all, you need to buy the right sexy underwear.Pay attention to whether the size is appropriate. Too small, you can clamp your chest, too loose and unable to support your chest.In addition, you should pay attention to whether the style is suitable for your body and match your body to wear a sexy effect.

Putting on sexy underwear correctly

There are also skills to wear erotic underwear.First of all, you must ensure that the position of the shoulder strap is appropriate. Don’t be too loose or too tight. It is recommended to adjust to your most comfortable state.Then ensure that the bray cup is comfortable, keep the nipple and the cup mouth proper distance, and finally adjust the bray cup to make the chest show the most perfect curve in the most perfect state.

With suitable underwear

The combination of sexy underwear and underwear is also the key to wear.You should choose the corresponding underwear according to the style of sex underwear.For example, for classic briefs, low -waist thongs should be used.Pay attention to the matching of color to maintain the harmonious and beautiful look of the entire match.

Pay attention to the details when wearing

When wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to some small details, such as cutting all the tags.If you need to tighten your body, you can wear body clothes.In addition, pay attention to the matching of accessories, you can choose some lace lace stockings as a match to make the whole dress more sexy and charming.

Consider the occasion of sexy underwear

It is also important to wear sex underwear.For example, if you only wear at home, you can choose a more casual and comfortable sexy lingerie style without much consideration and style.However, if you want to go out to participate in dating and other activities, you must consider the style of matching and occasions.

Adjust according to the season

The season is also one of the elements of wearing.In winter, in order to keep warm, you can choose thick models, and in summer, you must choose breathable and light sexy underwear to create a cool feeling.At the same time, pay attention to the choice of clothing color and whether to replace more comfortable styles.

How to maintain sexy underwear

It is also important to understand love underwear maintenance methods.Avoid using too hot water washing, it is recommended to wash it with cold water hands or choose a professional cleaning service.At the same time, separate the sexy underwear with other clothes to avoid damage.

Confidence shows the most beautiful state

Finally, when wearing a fun underwear, it is also necessary to show confidence and the best state.You know, the biggest charm of sexy underwear is to stimulate women’s confidence and sexy.Therefore, don’t be shy, show your most confident state.


Wearing sexy sexy underwear to create your own beauty is the right and needs of every woman.As long as you master some wearing skills and small knowledge, you can show a perfect curve and confident temperament when wearing sexy underwear.

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