What to do if we wear sexy lingerie and chest drooping

What to do if we wear sexy lingerie and chest drooping

As a sexual underwear expert, I often receive such problems: "After wearing sex underwear, why is the chest sag?" In fact, this is a very common problem.This article will answer this question from multiple aspects and provide some useful suggestions and skills to help you solve the problem of sagging.

Pay attention to size selection

Regarding wearing any type of underwear, the important size choice of importance cannot be overly emphasized.If you choose the wrong size, even the best sexy underwear can not play its greatest aesthetic effect.Especially when it comes to the chest, choosing the correct size is more important than any other aspect.Therefore, you need to measure your bust and lower bust, and choose the size that suits you.

Consider supporting issues

In addition to suitable sizes, you also need to determine the support of sexy underwear.Sex underwear is more sexy than ordinary underwear, so supporting breasts is more challenging.If your breasts need better support, you can consider choosing sexy underwear with a skeleton. These skeleton can pull the breasts upwards, making your breasts look more upright.

Avoid wrong way of wear

Whether it is ordinary underwear or sexy underwear, it is very important to wear.If your sexy underwear is incorrect, it may make your breast sag.When wearing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the position of loose bands and shoulder straps to ensure that it is placed in the right position.If these locations are incorrect, no matter how good you choose a sexy underwear, you cannot achieve the ideal effect.

Choose a suitable style

It is also important to choose a suitable style.Everyone’s body and chest shape are different, so you need to choose the style of sexy underwear.For example, if your breasts are large, you may need to choose a fixed shoulder strap and have good support styles to ensure that sufficient support can be obtained.In addition, it is also important to choose the color and material that suits you.It is the right color and material that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

Pay attention to daily care

Selection of erotic underwear, and there is no problem in dressing, but even if these are correct. After a period of time wearing and washing, the sexy underwear may also put pressure on your breasts, which will cause sagging.Therefore, good care habits are very important.Make sure to comply with the correct washing method, especially for hooks, plastic skeleton, etc., you need to be careful.

Consider suitable occasions

The choice of sexy underwear is also related to the occasion.You should choose sexy underwear suitable for different occasions.For example, you can choose to wear comfortable and sexy underwear that is comfortable and not too strictly controlled. In special occasions, such as dating or interviews, you may need to choose a more plastic -effect sexy underwear style to maintain confidence and charm.

Pay attention to your own breast condition

Some women’s breasts are not very upright, and there may be drooping problems.The reason may be related to many factors such as age, fertility, breastfeeding, hormone level, and health.If you have such a situation, please take it seriously.Older women should choose sexy underwear with good support and control; women who have giving birth need to choose light cups and excellent supporting underwear; they also need to regularly perform breast examination and breast massage to maintain their own health.


The reason for this is that exercise can enhance the muscles under the breast and improve your exercise intensity.This only takes a short time, but it can bring you huge benefits.Therefore, choosing proper exercise can improve breast elasticity and make it not relaxed.

in conclusion

Wearing sexy underwear will make women more confident and sexy, but they will also face some problems.Some small suggestions are self -testing before wearing sexy underwear to determine the appropriate size selection; choose the style and support system that suits you; pay attention to daily care status and breast health; choose the correct way of exercise, which can help you improve your chest saggingquestion.Remember, this is the choice of women itself. As long as you follow the above suggestions, you should have the confidence to wear a beautiful and neat appearance.

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