Where can I put in sex underwear?

Storage method of sexy underwear

Many people worry about storage of sexy underwear.After all, the material of the sexy underwear is relatively special. Putting in the wrong place for a long time may cause problems such as deformation, loss of curves and brightness.Therefore, we need to find the best storage method to save these beautiful sexy underwear.

The importance of maintaining underwear materials

Before understanding how to store underwear, we first need to clarify the importance of underwear materials.These underwear may be made of soft, comfortable linen, silk, lace and other materials, and we need to pay special attention.If there is no proper storage method, these materials will be suffered from problems such as wear, discoloration, and deformation, which will even affect the experience of wearing.

Storage method 1: drawer or box

The drawer or box is an ideal storage place, because these places can protect underwear from threatening from dust or other pollutants.To avoid too much underwear and crushed, try to keep some space as much as possible to breathe and store.

Storage method 2: link

For those underwear with good lace or good stacking characteristics, it is very suitable to use hooks to store.Hooks can not only reduce the use of underwear storage space, but also make underwear easier to manage.

Storage method three: plastic bags

Plastic bags are another convenient way to store sexy underwear.Put the underwear into a plastic bag to prevent dust invasion, and it can also avoid collision and deformation of each other.However, pay attention to the use of transparent plastic bags to avoid damage or difficulty finding underwear you want.

Avoid error storage method

Avoid folding underwear.Folding may produce unnecessary row marks, squeeze and deformation.This may destroy the beautiful appearance and lines of underwear.In addition, the underwear is easily confused when stacked, causing you to cause trouble when looking for a specific underwear.

Tips for beautiful air

Natural aromatherapy items such as lavender can make sexy underwear dispersal a comfortable atmosphere, which is greatly helpful for us to improve the feeling of wearing and increase confidence.In proper circumstances, retaining some color underwear in the place where light is enhanced can also make the storage space more beautiful.

Different types of underwear storage methods

Different types of underwear require different storage methods.For example, if you need to store a swimsuit, you need to rinse the swimsuit first, and then dry it without direct sunlight.For small objects such as chest pads, they can be placed in the underwear cup to keep the underwear form.The breathable underwear can be placed directly in the wardrobe, but the wardrobe must be cleaned and ventilated.

Regular care and replacement of underwear

Although the sexy underwear is beautiful, it cannot be worn for a long time. It also needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly.For some underwear that can only be dry or hand -washed, pay attention to complying with the corresponding instructions.Thoroughly cleaning up and replacing underwear every quarter can protect underwear and ensure that underwear is always perfect.

Pay attention to the conditions of underwear appropriately

When underwear is stored, you need to pay attention to risk factors.For example, stored in a humid place may cause mold growth or even rot, where the storage in the sun may make the color lighter, and so on.Therefore, it is not difficult to store underwear, but you need to pay attention to the storage conditions of the underwear appropriately.


Overall, whether it is a drawer, a hook or a plastic bag, you only need to find the storage method that suits you.And, it is important to keep in mind that proper storage can keep your beautiful and sexy underwear always maintain a beautiful and comfortable feeling, making you more confident and happiness when wearing.

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