Sex underwear and pets

Falling underwear is a sexy partner

Interest underwear is an indispensable element of sexy partners.In this regard, many people may have become the "sex experts" in the wardrobe, but animal lovers may face different challenges: they have loved pets, but they are worried that they will cause any damage or danger of sexy underwear to sexy underwearEssence

Is pet a threat of sexy underwear?

For the relationship between pets and sexy underwear, some professional opinions are right: pets can cause damage or threat to sexy underwear.For example, cats, especially the materials such as wool fabrics, fabrics, yarns, satin and other materials.

Avoid pet threats

To avoid pets’ threats to sexy underwear, the best way is to store pets while raising pets, stored clothes in steel or plastic boxes, or stored stylish, sexy bras, pants, etc. in the sealed drawer.In addition, carbon is a good investment, which can protect the due state of sex clothing before use.

Pet safe sex purchase skills

For those pets and sex shopping enthusiasts, there are some basic skills to ensure that you will not put your property or pets in danger.First, choose those products that clearly listed on the composition table.

Why is it the best choice for natural materials?

If your pet always bits and bite everywhere, your best choice is a sexy underwear with natural materials.Natural material is a very safe option for pets, usually includes cotton, velvet and silk.These materials are more comfortable, suitable for highlighting women’s curves.Of course, these underwear are also very sexy.

Professional manufacturers and brands are guaranteed

Some sexy underwear manufacturers will consider pets and natural factors to ensure that their products are practical and sexy.When buying sexy underwear, choosing regular large brands or professional manufacturers can get excellent protection in terms of quality and prevention of pet threats.


Pets may not only destroy your sexy underwear, but also make them very dirty.Therefore, cleaning is crucial.When you start using a sexy underwear, you can choose to wash or put it in the washing machine.However, please note that few advertising promotes that their products are 100%anti -pet resistance. Some erotic underwear cannot be washed better, and may even reduce quality.

Management skills of underwear

Seasonal changes should be regularly checked in the storage arrangement of the underwear. How to correctly put the underwear to avoid folding; when not wearing, the correct folding method will also affect the life of the underwear and use effect.Regular plant deodorization and clothing tightening/relaxation keep the underwear in its original state.When you do not use underwear, you need to replace it regularly. For example, you have an opaque box, and put off the template inside to replace the air circulation every week to prevent sweat from humidity.

Other precautions

In addition to the above problems, the way of getting along with pets and pets still need to pay attention to details.Do not let your pets come into contact with underwear, especially those lines or hanging styles.If you find lack, inappropriateness, and damage after changing underwear, you must discard and update at any time.Finally, we recommend that you observe the behavior of pets at any time when using sexy underwear to protect their safety.


Although pets and sexy underwear are not perfectly matched, some preventive measures can be taken to ensure the safety of pets and underwear.Choosing brands or manufacturers with natural and quality guarantees, correctly manage and clean underwear, and seal storage are very important.When enjoying sexy, you must also pay attention to the safety of pets. After all, they are our loyal playmates.

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