What to do if my colleague wants to send me sexy underwear

Your colleague wants to send you sex underwear?

When receiving a gift, we will always be surprised and happy for the presencer’s careful selection.However, what do you do when you receive a sexy underwear?Is it rejected?Do you put it out in the drawer after receiving it?Do you want to put it on it and try to match other clothing to show your different side?

Calked down and think about it

When I receive such a gift, the first thing to do is to keep calm and think about taking action.Don’t rush to dislike it or throw it aside, because this is not polite, it may also affect your future work relationship and colleagues’ emotions.

See who is the colleague who gives you a gift

If you are a very close colleague and you have a good friendship foundation, then you may try this gift.Because sometimes, in friendship or intimacy, the meaning of this gift may be a kind of ridicule, a small prank, or a good humorous opportunity.

What is the intention of the gift?

If the gift direction of this sexy underwear is more sensitive, or it is not suitable for appearing in the workplace, then you need to consider the intention of the gift.Is it a pure prank, or will it affect your title, treatment and workflow?If the former, you can try to make a joke with your colleagues, or just ignore this gift or not receive it.However, if the latter involves the impact of promotion and salary of professional titles, then you need to consider more serious treatment.

Consider the style, size and color of this underwear

If you are ready to leave this gift, it is very important for factors such as size, style, and color.Because once you decide to leave this underwear, you still need to consider wearing the occasions and other clothing that match it, otherwise it may cause unnecessary embarrassment or unpleasant view.

What do you need to pay attention to when wearing underwear

If you decide to put on this underwear, then you need to pay attention to it.After all, sexy underwear is different from ordinary underwear. Its style and cutting have certain limitations, so you may need to try and match more cautiously.In addition, wearing in young people’s gatherings, special days and vacations is a more appropriate choice.

I don’t know what to do?

If you are not sure how to match this sexy underwear, you can consider the following solutions:

With the same style skirt or hot pants

With the coat, show a new style and charm

With fashion items such as jewelry or belt with the same quality and tone

If you feel wrong, you can refuse directly

If you really don’t like this gift or think that this gift is not suitable for you, you can choose to tell the gifts truthfully and express your courtesy and gratitude, tell him or her, you are very gratefulNot suitable for you or you don’t like it.

If there is a problem with the gift, you can choose to return

If you have doubts about gifts or quality problems, you can choose to contact the merchant or return this gift.In addition, you can use the reviews, popular discussion areas, and social networking sites to understand this merchant in order to clarify your purchase needs and style requirements.

In short, it is most important to maintain politeness and gratitude

Finally, no matter how you think about this gift, pay attention to politeness and gratitude is the most important. This will not only maintain a good working relationship, but also deepen the friendship or intimacy of you and your colleagues, increase the sense of joy and satisfaction of workfeel.

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