Where is the sex lingerie storage

How to correctly accept sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a very special clothing. Generally, it needs to be stored in a specific place to maintain the quality and shape of the underwear.Pay attention to the following matters for storing underwear.

Choose the correct storage method

First, you need to choose a storage method suitable for underwear.You can use a special underwear storage box or underwear storage bag.Underwear storage bags are usually used in travel.

Underwear storage box vs. underwear storage bag

For daily use, the underwear storage box is a better choice.Their materials and design are more suitable for long -term storage.Underwear storage bags are generally used for travel because they are light and easy to store in the suitcase.

Division of different categories

In the underwear storage box or underwear storage bag, it is best to place the underwear door in different areas.For example, put the bras together and panties together, so that you can make you more convenient when using it.

Beware of heart shrinkage and deformation

Interest underwear is generally made of soft, tulle fabric, etc., so you need to pay special attention to avoid shrinkage and deformation during the storage process.Choose the soft underwear storage box of the material, and pay attention to the underwear in the underwear storage box. Do not roll the underwear.

Avoid mixed with other clothes

When storing underwear, you should avoid mixing with other clothing.If the underwear is placed with other clothing, the fabric of the underwear may be damaged by the fiber of other clothes, and it may affect the quality of the underwear.

Keep underwear dry

Underwear should be kept dry.If the underwear storage box or bag becomes humid, the fabric of the underwear may absorb excessive water and cause mold.Therefore, you can consider placing dry bags or sugar bags in the underwear storage box or bag to absorb the moisture around the underwear.

Avoid being irradiated with sunlight

You should avoid exposing underwear in the sun, because the sun may adversely affect the fabric of the underwear.

Frequent changes in underwear storage boxes or bags

Underwear storage boxes or bags inevitably suffer.Therefore, it is recommended to replace your underwear storage box or bag regularly.When replacing, check whether the underwear is damaged at the same time.

Use a laundry bag for cleaning

When you clean your underwear, it is recommended to use a special underwear washing bag.This can protect underwear from being damaged during cleaning.

Extend the life of underwear

The accurate storage method can extend the life of the underwear.Choose the right underwear storage box or bag, classify storage underwear, and replace the underwear storage box or bag regularly, which can help you extend the life of the underwear.

In summary, choosing the proper underwear storage method, avoiding the moisture of the underwear, paying attention to classifying storage underwear and frequent replacement of storage boxes are important matters to storage underwear, which can ensure the quality of underwear and prolong its service life.

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