Which city of sexy underwear

City 1: Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the most dynamic and modern cities in China, and is also a very active area of the sex underwear market.In Shanghai, you can find many well -known brand’s sexy underwear shops, such as Victoria’s Secret, Aimer, Ordifen, etc.In addition, many small stores, street stalls and online retailers also provide various types of sexy underwear.In general, Shanghai is a city with relatively high prices but providing a variety of sexy underwear.

City 2: Beijing

Similar to Shanghai, Beijing is also a city with a very active sex underwear market.As we all know, there are many large shopping malls and department stores in Beijing. These shopping malls have a variety of brand stores and counters, which can provide consumers with sufficient choice space.In addition, some underground shopping malls and alley acupoints in Beijing can also find many good and cheap sexy underwear.It should be noted that consumers in Beijing are relatively conservative for the needs and acceptance of sexy underwear.

City 3: Shenzhen

Shenzhen is a large metropolis in southern China. Its sexy underwear market is very distinctive.Shenzhen’s culture and environment are relatively open, so sexy underwear is very popular in the local area.There are many adult products and sexy underwear stores in Shenzhen, which offers a variety of sexy underwear products. Most of them are located in the commercial street or shopping mall in Shenzhen.At the same time, Shenzhen is also the economic center of South China, so the price of sexy underwear is very competitive.

City 4: Guangzhou

Guangzhou is another big city in southern China and a city with a very active sex underwear market.In Guangzhou, you can find many well -known brand stores from the Mainland or Hong Kong, such as Shuya, Xinhua Fairy, 7SEC and so on.In addition, you can also find a lot of sexy underwear with exotic style in the alleys and markets in Guangzhou.In short, Guangzhou is a city with many sexy underwear brands and categories.

City 5: Chengdu

Chengdu is an important city in western China. It has a variety of cultural heritage and unique local characteristics, so it has also formed its own sexy underwear market.In Chengdu, you can find the erotic underwear of many local brands and designers. These underwear are not only guaranteed, but also very affordable.In addition, there are some sexy underwear clubs in Chengdu, which can provide more private shopping experience and professional services.

City 6: Hangzhou

Hangzhou is one of the beautiful cities in China and a well -known tourist city in China.In this city, you can find a lot of boutique sexy underwear shops, such as Sans, VARSBABY, ROSEGAL, etc.The underwear of these brands or shops is carefully designed by designers, with a variety of styles and novel styles, suitable for women of various body types.Therefore, Hangzhou is a city that is very suitable for exploring and buying different styles of sexy underwear.

City Seven: Nanjing

As one of the ancient capitals of the Six Dynasties in China, Nanjing has a generous cultural heritage and historical accumulation.However, in terms of sexy underwear, Nanjing’s market is also very active.There are many sexy underwear brands and stores in the local area, such as night desires, OUI-BAI, SANQI, etc.The quality and styles of these shops and brands are very good, which can stand the selection and test of consumers.

City 8: Wuhan

Wuhan is one of the important cities in central China, and it is also a consumption hotspot of sexy underwear.In Wuhan, you can find many local and foreign sexy underwear brands and shops, such as Edorri, Nonaca, Mei Litu, etc.The fun underwear of these brands is not only beautiful, but also in line with ergonomics, comfortable to wear, and is loved by local women.

City Nine: Chongqing

Chongqing is an important city in southwestern China and has many local sex lingerie brands and stores.Here, you can find many popular brands, such as process, Miyue Ni, Yaolove, etc.The fun underwear styles of these brands are novel and unique, diversified and rich, and meet the aesthetics and needs of local women.In addition, the price of sexy underwear in Chongqing is very close to the people and is a city that is very suitable for buying sexy underwear.

City Ten: Xi’an

As one of the ancient Chinese cultural town, Xi’an has deep historical heritage and folk culture.In terms of sexy underwear, Xi’an’s market is also very unique.There are many local brands and shops, such as meeting, 1979, Shige, etc.The sexy underwear of these brands is incorporated into the elements of local culture and has local characteristics.Although the market size of the sexy underwear in Xi’an is not too large, its quality of sex underwear and cultural connotation are worth excavating and excavated.

In general, the sexy underwear markets in various regions of China are very different, and each city has its own characteristics and uniqueness.Whether you buy sexy underwear in the city center or buy sexy underwear in the alley acupoints, you will find a sexy underwear that is suitable for yourself and your favorite.Therefore, what kind of cities to buy sexy underwear should be selected according to personal interests and needs, and attempts and exploration should be made.

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