Who is the picture of the Japanese and Korean sexy underwear actresses

Who is the picture of the Japanese and Korean sexy underwear actresses

Japanese and Korean sex lingerie is a type of sexy underwear that has been loved by everyone in recent years.Among them, many well -known actresses endorsement of sexy underwear brands.Below, let’s take a look at who Japanese and Korean sexy underwear actresses are, and at the same time appreciate their beautiful photos of their underwear.

1. Li Zhien Li Zhi EN

Li Zhien is a popular actress in South Korea and the spokesperson of Bradelis, a popular sexy lingerie brand.Bradelis’s underwear design fully respects the body’s body curve and shows the most beautiful natural state.Li Zhien also showed the natural beauty in the advertisement photo, and was loved and sought after by many consumers.

2. Quan Zhixian Quan Zhi xian

As one of the best actresses in South Korea, Quan Zhixian’s sexy underwear brand SU: M37 degrees underwear is also very popular.SU: M37 -degree underwear design is simple and generous, attracting many young women with fresh natural style.

3. Qiao Ben Huan Nai

Hashimoto Renai is a sweet actress in Japan. The endorsement of the endorsement of the endorsement of the endorsement of the endorsement of the endorsement of the endorsement of Jillstuart Beauty is also known as the "cute and sexy angel series".These underwear styles are fresh and playful, with cute patterns and details, attracting many young women.

4. Amuro Nami An qu nan mei hui

Amuro Nami is a Japanese music goddess, and her endorsement of the sexy lingerie brand Chapeau Christine is also popular.Chapeau Christine’s underwear has the characteristics of comfort, sexy, elegance, etc. The style design is simple and noble, showing the perfect curve of women to the fullest.

5. Ishihara SHI Yuan Li Mei

Ishihara Rimi is a Japanese actress and model. The endorsement of the endorsement underwear brand Morangis’s underwear style is mostly fresh and cute.Morangis’s designer pursue the perfect combination of underwear in beauty and health, bringing consumers a healthy and beautiful underwear wearing experience.

6. Fungai リ g feng jing li na

Fujii リ ナ is a sexy photo model in Japan. It is also an actress. The endorsement of the endorsement underwear brand Rawlife’s underwear style is bold, casual and vibrant.Its style focuses on the modification of the lines and the color matching, which brings a self -confidence and sexy feeling to the wearer.

7. DA Gu Lin Na Okuka

Okuka is a Japanese actress. The endorsement of the endorsement underwear brand Peach John’s underwear style is mostly cute.PEACH JOHN’s underwear contains fashion and desire. Its design inspiration comes from the elegance and manufacturing process of France. The underwear is sweaty, breathable, and comfortable, which makes consumers love it.

8. Huang Yan Huan Han

Huang Yan is a Malaysian female singer and model, and a model of Wacoal, a spoiled sexy underwear brand.Wacoal is a Japanese sexy underwear brand. Its design concept is "natural, comfortable, and gives women self -confidence". The brand’s underwear integrates the design characteristics of the shape characteristics and improves comfort into the underwear manufacturing.


For women who love Japanese and Korean sexy underwear, choosing a underwear that meets their needs and physical conditions can not only make them more confident and comfortable, but also show their beauty.No matter which well -known actress endorsement of sexy underwear brands, it has a variety of characteristics. Volkswagen can choose a sexy underwear that suits them according to their needs and taste.

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