Who is Tmall sex underwear?

Who is Tmall sexy underwear?

With the gradual opening of people’s concepts, the demand for sexy underwear is increasing.At the same time, major e -commerce platforms have also launched the sexy underwear area, of which Tmall’s sexy underwear area is even more sought after.So, who is Tmall sexy underwear?Let’s reveal it together.

Tmall sex underwear special model is He Yan

For the vast majority of people, the position of sexy underwear is a bit mysterious.But in fact, in Tmall’s sexy underwear area, this position was clearly specified to He Yan.

Why choose He Yan as a sexy underwear model?

He Yan is a well -known host and actor in China. He has long appeared on the screen for a long time. He is cheerful, humorous, and loves sports.Tmall said that the primary condition of He Yan as a sexy underwear model is the proportion of the body. In addition, he also considers his good image and popularity in the public’s heart.

The role of He Yan in the show underwear display

As a special model of sexy underwear, He Yan’s main responsibility is to be a display model in the promotion of the Tmall sex lingerie zone.He will wear various styles of sexy underwear and display it with sexy expressions and actions to attract more users to buy.At the same time, he will also participate in some online interactive links to interact with users.

He Yan’s attitude towards sexy underwear

Regarding his identity as a sexy underwear model, He Yan said that compared with the public’s traditional perception of sexy underwear, modern erotic underwear has more and more focused on fashion and design.He believes that sexy underwear is not just a tool for sex, but also a fashion item that women use to show their sexy charm.

He Yan’s sexy underwear display style

In the display of sexy underwear, He Yan’s style is very unique.He will show the sexy and charm of sexy underwear through his expressions and actions.He often adds some humorous elements in the show, so that the audience can feel a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere while appreciating.

He Yan’s sexy underwear display effect

Among the many products launched by Tmall’s sexy underwear area, there are model photos or videos of He Yan.It can be said that, as a special model of sexy underwear, He Yan brought a very good display effect.His image is very in line with the aesthetics of modern women, and the sexy charm has also been fully reflected, attracting many users to buy.

The importance of He Yan in the promotion of fun underwear

The promotion of the Tmall sex underwear zone has become one of the most important competition in the market.As a sexy underwear model, He Yan can not only bring more attention and sales to Tmall’s sexy underwear zone, but also strengthen the public’s understanding and acceptance of sexy underwear.


In general, as a special model of Tmall’s sexy underwear, He Yan’s figure is everywhere.His appearance not only brought huge thrust to the sales of sexy underwear, but also promoted society’s cognition and acceptance of sexy underwear.I believe that in the near future, more and more people will start to accept and try this field.

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