Why is no one exposed to interesting underwear


Interest underwear is an extremely private product. Its role is to highlight the sexy charm of women and make the interaction between couples more exciting.Although these products are very sought after in the market, few people are willing to display or expose these products publicly.So, why is no one exposed to sexy underwear?

Social and cultural concept influence

In different cultures, there may be great differences in sexual attitudes.There are also gender discrimination and sexual depression in some traditional culture. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble to themselves or others, or to maintain a illusion, when many women buy sexy underwear, they are more willing to via the official website or entity.The store is purchased privately and is unwilling to display it in social media.

Personal Privacy Protection

The gender atmosphere carried by erotic underwear is very strong. After wearing them, anyone who sees them will have a certain prejudice to the wearers.To this end, some consumers have decided not to upload photos to social platforms or online applications to protect their privacy.

Plan for other people’s evaluation

Some people are unwilling to expose their fun underwear because they are worried about the evaluation and accusations of others.In today’s society, many people are holding negative attitudes to women’s over -exposed clothes, so it is difficult to accept it.At the same time, because sexy underwear will bring a strong gender temperament, and wearers will inevitably be considered as adultery or slutty.

The issue of after -sales service

Many sexy underwear merchants have strict regulations on the refund clause.For Internet shopping, especially when buying private items, if products and pictures do not meet or have other problems, they will cause a series of buyers to dissatisfy and disputes.Therefore, in order to avoid this problem, many consumers will choose not to expose the sexy underwear they wear.

It is difficult to guarantee the effect of propaganda

Most of the promotional effects of sexy underwear come from word -of -mouth publicity and picture promotion.Many times, the photos are taken in the later stage instead of on -site shooting, and will not be released after being handled and repaired by the photographer.In this case, it is difficult to objectively reflect the real situation of sexy underwear, which has led customers to lose confidence in buying.Therefore, when the propaganda effect cannot be guaranteed, consumers do not have the motivation to expose the sexy underwear.

Drowned erotic underwear

Because the sexy underwear producer is too exaggerated for its product name, it shows a teasing atmosphere, which is easily misunderstood as a helping to grow extramarital affairs, bad atmosphere or obscene behavior, and then suffer unnecessary morality.Stress or speech attack.

Interesting underwear wearing high requirements

The design, fabrics, versions and psychological factors of sexy underwear are not well mastered. It is difficult to wear it just right. It is easy to have an embarrassing situation and is not understood or ridiculed by others.For example, the elders and colleagues cannot understand that peers and children are too shocked, causing psychological accountability and embarrassment. Therefore, few people are willing to show their own sexy underwear.

Fashionable matching

The wearing of sexy underwear has not yet moved towards the mainstream fashion. It is more practical in specific occasions, such as sex places, nightclubs, and private parties.Therefore, sexy underwear has few opportunities to use single products in mass social activities, which will cause the brand’s popularity, cosmetics, accessories and other fashion items.

Exposure my privacy

It is revealed that personal privacy is another issue.Sex underwear also implies that the clothesmen have a very high sexy opportunity, and sometimes they need to show their figure.If these extensive personal photos are uploaded to the Internet, you may have a certain degree of jealousy and inappropriate intervention in the family, and even the deterioration of family relationships.

in conclusion

In short, the tone of sexy underwear is very private and hot, and many factors limit the number of photos of sexy underwear.However, because most people like to try novel things, there is still a lot of opportunities for sexy underwear in the future development, so as to continuously enhance this product as the development of fashion culture.

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