Why do girlfriends buy sexy underwear

The reason why women wear sexy underwear

Sex underwear is often regarded as a tool to attract men, but in fact women buying sexy underwear may be more complicated than you think.The following are several main reasons for women to buy sexy underwear:

Self -confidence and self -esteem

For many women, wearing beautiful and sexy sexy underwear can bring them confidence and self -esteem.This underwear makes them feel more charming and more attractive. This feeling allows them to feel self -affirmation and confidence.When a woman puts on a sexy underwear, she feels beautiful, and this self -confidence can affect her entire behavior and attitude.

Enhance sexual life

Wearing sexy sexy underwear can enhance women’s feelings for themselves, thereby increasing their sexual desire.This also inspires men to be more enthusiastic about them.Sex underwear can enhance sexual fantasy and personal image, thereby helping to stimulate women’s sexual desire.This is more important for women, because they often need to achieve a certain degree of excitement to truly enjoy sexual life.

Change the boring in daily life

Putting on sex underwear can change the boring daily life of a woman, because this allows them to try different from their usual image and style.This change can stimulate their interests and curiosity, and further expand their experience and vision.This can also help couples add life interest and inspire each other’s deeper understanding.

Show personal charm

Wearing sexy underwear can show women’s personal charm without having to be explicit and exaggerated.This item can set off the figure and advantages of women, make people pay more attention to their appearance, and can also show their own uniqueness and texture.

Dental personal emotions

Putting on a sexy underwear can represent a woman who wants to show her emotional state.For women with emotional problems, wearing sexy underwear can represent strong emotional expression, allow them to release depressed emotions, relieve psychological pressure, and let them understand and accept their emotional conditions.

Reduce physical discomfort

For some women with physical discomfort and even diseases, suitable and comfortable sexy underwear provides more support and protection.For example, for women with hyperplasia or mammitis, choosing suitable sexy underwear can reduce pain and discomfort.For menopausal women, choosing suitable sexy underwear can allow them to alleviate the symptoms of boom and sweating.


Sometimes women may be recommended to try to wear sexy underwear in psychotherapy.This is because wearing this underwear can help them increase their self -esteem, self -confidence and women’s unique power.For women who lack self -confidence and happiness due to psychological problems, wearing erotic underwear may help.

Improve your image

Putting on sexy underwear can help women improve the way and ways and methods of communicating with others and themselves, and enhance their affinity.Interest underwear highlights the advantages and personality of women’s bodies, and allows people to pay more attention to and appreciate the unique beauty of women.This underwear can also cooperate with different occasions to further highlight the charm of women.


There are many reasons for women to wear sexy underwear. It may be to improve self -confidence and self -esteem, enhance sexual life, improve the quality of life, show personal charm, and vent their personal emotions.To accurately understand the needs of women, bringing appropriate services and suggestions to them will bring greater business opportunities.Of course, sexy underwear is like other fashion items, and its choice and dress should be carried out on the premise of respecting themselves and others.

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