Why do men like to tear up sexy underwear

Men’s phenomenon of tearing sex underwear

Wearing a sexy underwear is not just a woman’s patent, and now more and more men have begun to find confidence and fun in sexy underwear.However, when men appreciate and wear sexy underwear, they will not be able to resist their impulse. Such a phenomenon is called "tearing underwear" in the sex underwear industry.So why do men have such preferences?

Sexual relationship stimulus

For some men, the sexual relationship between men and women needs to have ideological and physical passion.In this sexual relationship, tearing of sexy underwear itself is a stimulus.In the process of tearing the sexy underwear, men can design a variety of scenes, such as sex slave games, playing characters, etc. This experience can bring new levels to sexual life.

Release tension

Many men face a certain means to relieve the pressure and nervousness in life or work.Tearing of sexy underwear is one of the healthy and safe ways.Men released tension and anxiety in this behavior, which can relieve the body and mind, and face the challenges in life with a more relaxed mentality.

The manifestation of the sense of control and power

Men can get a feeling of controlling the situation in tearing of sexy underwear, and even get fully dominated and controlled power.When tearing the sexy underwear, men can arrange the whole process according to their wishes. Although this sense of control is temporary, it is a very important experience for psychological satisfaction.

Master the sign of male aesthetics

When men tear up sexy underwear, they focus on quality, style and design, not value.Tearing of sexy underwear is like a artwork, creating a sign for the aesthetic values pursued by men.

A way to find self -identity

Putting and tearing of sexy underwear is a way to include self -identity.Men can understand and express their identity by choosing different erotic lingerie styles and tearing scenes.At the same time, this only way of identity allows them to better identify their position and role in interpersonal relationships.

Release of sexual desire

When men tear their sexy underwear, they are usually in a relatively high state of sexual desire.They will release sexual desire on sexy underwear to achieve the effect of releasing desire and pleasure.

Express your preferences and preferences

Tearing of sexy underwear to let men express their preferences and preferences, it is also a personalized attempt.Wearing specific sexy underwear or tearing according to specific scenes, it can show the unique taste of men from everyone.

Actions with a certain degree of aggression

In many cases, adult men are very cautious and practical, and they need a channel for release of power.Tearing underwear is somewhat similar to this aggression with violence.In this new event, by tearing the sexy underwear, new abilities and strengths are released to a certain extent, so that they can feel their strength and relieve stress.

Enjoy the restricted behavior

The image of men’s appearance when wearing fun underwear is often a relatively frivolous and indulgent.At the same time, the restraint and restrictions brought by the sexy underwear also allows men to enjoy a different experience.Therefore, in the process of tearing the sexy underwear, some men will turn this enjoyment into an unprecedented evil sense, which will help their tear enthusiasm.


In general, men like to tear up sexy underwear because they get a lot of pleasure and satisfaction from them, can release themselves, express their preferences and preferences, and gain a sense of belonging and identity.This behavior does not cause harm to anyone. Men can freely dig and pursue their desires and desires deep in their hearts, and women will eventually get more care and care from them.

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