Why do my husband buy a messy underwear and give me me


Interest underwear is a particularly kind of clothing, which is usually designed for sexy or sensational.It can add color to your sexual life and let you and your partner experience more fun.However, if your partner suddenly gives you some sexy sexy underwear, you may feel strange.Why does he do this?Below, let’s discuss this issue.

Why buy sexy underwear?

First of all, what is your partner who gives you sex with sexy underwear?He may want you to know he loves you and want you to know his love.He may want to improve your sexual life, try new things, and make you feel happier.

Enhanced attractiveness

Some men buy sexy underwear to enhance the sexual attraction of women and improve their interaction.Men usually want their partners to look sexy, because it is satisfied with them and can satisfy their inner desire.This can also enhance their interactive process and sexual life.

Surprise each other

On the other hand, some men may buy their partners to buy sex and sexy underwear to surprise them.They can express their love and care in this way, and make their partners feel love and valued.This can also enhance their interaction and communication.

boost self-confidence

Many women feel more confident and complacent after wearing sexy sexy underwear.These sexy underwear can improve their self -esteem and self -confidence, making them feel more beautiful and sexy.For men, letting their partners wear sexy underwear can also make them feel more confident, because it proves that the woman they love is very sexy.

Broaden sexual life

Sex underwear can also help you broaden your sexual life, because they can let you try new things and bring different feelings and experiences.If you feel that sexual life becomes boring, sexy lingerie can make you try new feelings and experiences, thereby enhancing your emotional connection between you and your partner.

Express love

Buying sexy underwear is not only to improve sexual life, but also to make your partner feel your love.It is also a way to express your care and love.Sending sexy underwear can make your partner feel and care.

Show your design ability

Some men like to buy the sexy underwear they designed to give their girlfriends. This will not only surprise their girlfriends, but also show their design ability and creativity.Such gifts can also enhance the feelings of both sides and make the interaction between men and women easier and pleasant.

Summary countermeasure

All in all, buying erotic underwear is one of the way men show their care and love for women.It can make sex more interesting and fulfilling, and increase the relationship between husband and wife.For women, wearing sexy underwear can make them feel more confident and beautiful.Therefore, if your partner gives you some sexy underwear, don’t feel strange or embarrassing. On the contrary, you should accept it and enjoy the happiness it brings.

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