Why don’t men like sexy underwear


For many women, sexy underwear is a variety of sexy clothing, which can make them feel more confident and sexy, and at the same time increase the taste of husband and wife.However, many men don’t like women to wear sexy underwear. So why do men don’t like sexy underwear?Let’s discuss with you.

Too exaggerated style

Some sexy underwear often uses too exaggerated, sexy styles, such as over -exposed design, complex decorations, etc. These designs are easy to make people feel uncomfortable.For men, they are more willing to see their girlfriends or wives put on simple and generous clothes instead of wearing too cumbersome and exaggerated sexy underwear.

Too fancy color

Sex underwear will also use too fancy and bright colors, such as pink, purple and so on.Not all men like these colors. They are more inclined to see their girlfriends or wives wearing classic and simple colors, such as black and white.

Not natural

Although some sexy underwear design can highlight the beautiful curve of women, it emphasizes the form and ignores the comfort, affects the natural breathing and activity of women, and even bring physical discomfort.Men are more concerned about whether their girlfriends or wives feel free and natural, not just sexy.

Lack of interaction and caress

Watching a girlfriend or wife wearing sexy underwear is a process of appreciation and enjoyment, and it is not just a tool for improving interest.And if women just sit there or do other things, men will often feel bored.Men want to interact with women, touch their bodies, and enjoy the caress between each other, not just appreciate the static visual effects.

Too expensive

Interest underwear is often expensive. Some men think that buying sexy underwear is a luxury and waste. They would rather use these money for more practical and meaningful things.

Too commercialized

There are many sexy lingerie brands on the market. Some brands are too commercial, and new varieties are continuously launched, advertising, and marketing for marketing.Men do not like things that are too commercial and deliberate, they are more willing to see sincere, simple and natural things.

Defined with real life

The design of many erotic underwear is too exaggerated, far from real life.Some men think that women put on such clothes can make people feel false and unreal.

Lack of personality and characteristics

There are many fun underwear design on the market, lack of personality and characteristics, and make people feel that there is no difference.Men prefer to see their girlfriends or wives wearing special and individual clothes, rather than the uniform and unique sexy underwear design.

Believe in market research

Many sexy underwear brand designers will study the market through market research and online search, and launch sexy underwear that adapt to the market.This method will make many sexy underwear design and lack of creativity.The sexy underwear design that men want to see are sincere creativity and originality.

in conclusion

There are many reasons for men who do n’t like sexy underwear. They can be summarized as too exaggerated styles, fancy colors, not natural feelings, lack of interaction and caressing, too expensive, too commercialized, disconnected from real life, lack of personality and characteristics, complete, completeBelieve market research and so on.Therefore, the designer of the sexy underwear needs to conduct a more comprehensive understanding and research on men’s demand for sexy underwear in order to launch more sexy underwear that is more in line with men’s preferences.

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