Wife’s birthday gift, sexy underwear Jiaojiao

Birthday gift to his wife

In the next stage of life, should we have more ridicule and fun?For a wife who has always been serious and responsible in life, in order to show her love and surprise, a good -looking, sexy sexy underwear may be a good choice.

Suggestions for buying sex underwear

Choosing a good erotic underwear is crucial quality and style.First of all, it is best to choose comfortable materials, because sexy underwear needs to be worn for a long time.Secondly, choose a style suitable for my body shape. Do not pursue the effect that only the figure of thin models can be worn, and it is the most important thing to make yourself feel confident and sexy.

Wife’s suitable sex lingerie style

For a mature woman, the style of mature women is always the most sexy, so when choosing sexy underwear according to the temperament and body shape of the wife, you can choose some tender and bird’s style, or a little mature woman’s temperament.Elements such as lace, lace or leopard pattern.

Stockings with erotic sheets

Interest underwear with stockings can make temperament more sexy and charming.Especially in terms of color, black is a universal color. No matter what hair color, complexion, or body shape, you can hold it.At the same time, like daily wear, pay attention to the matching between clothing, so that the overall effect can not be too cool or abrupt.

Details that wives pay attention to

Rough fabric and sexy underwear that does not fit the shape should be avoided. This will not only make people feel uncomfortable, but also likely destroy the shape of the entire clothing.In addition, the choice of color is also very important. From gorgeous red to sexy black black, you need to follow your preferences and tastes.

How to wear a noble temperament

If you want to wear a noble temperament, you need to choose unsatisfactory styles. For example, with a light and thin material with a light and small design close to the skin, these design styles reflect exquisite and noble.When matching, high -end luxury colors such as gold and red can inject noble atmosphere into sexy underwear.

How to master the matching skills of sexy underwear

First of all, you must start with the color. The combination with the skin color is the primary technique of sexy underwear. The feeling of integration with the skin can be more sexy.Subsequently, it is matched with the coat. For formal occasions, you can wear underwear under low -key and conservative conditions. In the case of celebration, dating, etc., with elements such as jackets or dresses, high -heeled shoes, etc., show a more perfect visual effects of sexy underwear.

How to maintain sexy underwear

The maintenance of sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to some skills.It is best to use cold water when washing, and use neutral detergents to avoid using soft agents to avoid damage to fabrics.Avoid direct sun exposure when washing, and avoid folding at the same time.

How to bring a surprise effect to his wife

Give sexy underwear as a birthday gift to his wife, which can bring a considerable surprise effect.You can also go shopping together to understand the things of each other’s hearts, and truly realize your heart.Giving his wife sexy and surprise in life can make each other’s relationship closer.

Conclusion: sexy and confident in parallel

Wearing sexy sexy underwear will not only bring a visual shock, but also improve women’s confidence and charm.I hope that some of the tips shared in the article will be inspired to you when choosing, matching, and maintaining sexy underwear. I wish everyone a beautiful and beautiful temperament!

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