Women wearing sexy lingerie shopping supermarkets


Interest underwear has always been a secret weapon for women, which can make women more confident and charming.But now more and more women like to wear sexy underwear in daily life. Today I will share with you a sexy lingerie in the supermarket.


First of all, I chose a relatively light and transparent sexy underwear so that I can make me more relaxed in the supermarket.At the same time, I also chose a relatively loose jacket, which can conceal it.This can take into account both fashion and privacy.

Entering the supermarket

Walking into the supermarket in sexy underwear, I feel different but a little nervous.At the same time, I also found that others had different eyes when I looked at me, but I didn’t look at me as brightly as I imagined.

Vegetables and fruits

In the vegetable and fruit area, I saw a handsome man who was choosing a fruit. He kept his eyes on me, and I couldn’t help but embarrassed.Although I was a little uneasy, I still continued to choose my fruits and fruits, which was naturally as natural as possible.

Purchase daily necessities

Then I came to the daily necessities area. There were many people here, but I still tried to perform normally.I bought shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste, sanitary napkin and other necessities.When paying the money, the cashier glanced at me, but didn’t say anything.I think it may be that she has seen all kinds of strange works.

Choose snacks

Entering the snack area, I saw a lot of delicious food, but because I was afraid of attracting the attention of others, I simply chose a few candy and potato chips, so I hurried away.

Choose a drink

In the beverage area, I chose a few bottles of juice and water. When I paid, I found that I forgot to get a wallet, so I put down the things in my hand and hurried home to pick up the wallet before buying.

Waiting before going out

I felt a little embarrassed to wait for my husband to pick me up before going out.The people around me were watching me, and I started to feel uncomfortable.However, I told myself that this was just because they didn’t know me.

Leave out and leave

In the end, accompanied by my husband, I left the supermarket after paying.Although I experienced some unusual things, I didn’t feel disappointed.On the contrary, I think this is an interesting experience that makes me more confident and firm.

in conclusion

It really needs courage and confidence to wear sex underwear, but if you are ready and abandon your concerns and restraints, you will feel natural and pleasant.Wearing erotic underwear can not only make you more beautiful and charming, but also make you better understand and accept yourself.