Women’s derailment of sexy underwear self -described

I used to fall into the quagmire of derailment

I am a woman with sensuality, especially in my marriage, I am eager to be loved and satisfied by my husband enough.But in fact, one day I met other men, and he showed me more charm of sexy underwear, which made me fall into the quagmire of derailment.

What kind of sexy underwear can seduce women derailment

For women, sexy underwear can play a role in stimulating sensuality and improving life fun.Especially for people with strong sexual needs, it is even more difficult to resist the temptation of sexy underwear.For example, the rich underwear types such as deep V lace conjoined skirts, perspective three -point conjoined skirts, retro literary lace underwear and other rich underwear may be more likely to make women fall into derailment.

Improper sexy underwear is also very dangerous

If women do not wear sexy underwear correctly, they can also cause others to misunderstand her misunderstandings and adverse associations.For example, some unintentional sexy underwear can easily make women look sensual and cheap, so that people around them have a negative impression on her, and even want to be a good job.

Comfort cannot be ignored

When choosing a sexy underwear, you can’t just consider whether its appearance is tempting, but also depends on whether it is comfortable to yourself.After all, if you wear uncomfortable erotic underwear for a long time, you will not only bring sensitive stimuli, but also reduce your mood and health.

Choose different erotic underwear in different occasions

Different styles of sexy underwear are suitable for different styles.For example, the kindergarten parents’ meeting occasion, the natural and dignified black briefs should be selected, and the family gatherings between playmates should be selected. It is recommended to select sexy lace bodies or thick black vests.

Details that you need to pay attention to sexy underwear need to pay attention to

When mating with sexy underwear, you also need to pay attention to the combination of shoes, jewelry, makeup, etc., and perfectly present sexy. At the same time, you should pay attention to not exposing too much and avoid misunderstanding and unnecessary attention.

The truth about women’s derailment

In general, women’s derailment is not only because of the temptation of sexy underwear, but often appears from deeper psychological factors.Women are eager to get enough care and satisfaction of her husband, while derailment is a way they escape from marriage and seek freshness and passion.

How to prevent women’s derailment

If the husband is really unable to satisfy his wife, then he needs to better listen and understand the needs of his wife, understand his shortcomings, and try to meet his wife’s needs.Only in this way can women stay away from the danger of derailment and maintain stability of marriage.


Interest underwear is an important part of women’s lives, but if we do not know how to wear it correctly, how to use it in the right occasion will definitely bring us more negative impacts.Women’s derailment is not only because of external temptation, but more inner needs are not met. This man must keep in mind to avoid the appearance of the marriage crisis.

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