Women’s erotic underwear to dry

Women’s erotic lingerie preparation before sunburn

Women’s sexy underwear is a very important thing. How to protect them in the process of exposure is prepared for sunlight.The first step is to put the underwear according to the type, and the underwear with different washing capabilities is best to dry it.

The time and place of the underwear drying

Time is an important factor in choosing a good underwear. Some materials of underwear, such as socks, are best to dry them in shadows and ventilation places.For underwear with silk materials, you can choose to dry within a sufficient sunshine.

Prevent the negative effects from drying

Women’s sexy underwear should pay attention to the method of drying. Before the underwear is sunny, it must be facing the opposite side, so as not to appear dyeing or deformation due to pigmentation and other reasons.

Pay attention to disinfection and remove odor

After the underwear is dry, there may be problems or that, such as odor, etc. At this time, we can spray disinfection agents and deodorant agents on the underwear.After spraying, be sure to dry it to avoid continuing to produce odor.

Winter underwear dry

In winter, the weather is cold, and the underwear is easy to have bad effects, so we can choose to set up drying racks indoors or balcony to dry the underwear. This not only gives full play to the advantages of indoor temperature, and will not affect the decoration style.

Avoid strong light

In the afternoon, the sun can be exposed to the underwear, but if the underwear is exposed to the direct shooting of the sun, it will have a serious impact or even damaged underwear real estate.So we need to choose to avoid light and ventilation.

Different underwear drying methods

Different types of women’s sexy underwear, the issues that need to be paid attention to when drying are also different.For example, jackets are more common and simple, but this method has a lot of inconvenience in some underwear.So in combination with different types of underwear, we can choose the appropriate way of drying clothes.

How to store the dry underwear

After the underwear is dry, we need to store them well. If it is not sorted for a long time, it will cause damage to the fiber.So we can put it with a drawer and pay attention to the distribution of the underwear uniformly, which will keep the underwear better the shape and texture.

Large clothes dry tips

-Cose the shadow and ventilation place to dry underwear

-In protected underwear of special materials to protect

-In the underwear to dry the disinfection agent and odor after drying

-S selection in winter underwear to dry in the room

-On avoid strong light radiation

-Sexing different types of underwear drying methods

-Do dry underwear should be stored well


For women’s erotic lingerie, the process of drying should be extra careful. Only in this way can the comfort and quality of the underwear be protected to the lingerie to the maximum.When drying, let’s dry according to the type of underwear, and help us to dry the underwear through some tips.

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