Women’s sexy lingerie fighting

Women’s sexy lingerie fighting

As a special clothing, sexy underwear plays a role in showing women’s charm and sexy.In addition to meeting their own needs, many women are also passionate about sexy lingerie fighting, and experience the joy and challenge of physical and mental.This article will be discussed from the origin, type, skills, protection measures, and other aspects of sexy lingerie fighting.


Fun underwear fights originated in Western countries, and the earliest fighting nights that originated in the United States.With the popularity and development of sexy underwear, sexy lingerie combat has gradually become a special entertainment method and form of competition, which is loved by women in Europe and the United States.


There are many types of sexy lingerie fighting, commonly includes light -legged wrestling, semi -naked boxing and high -heeled shoes.Light -legged wrestling is a fighting with the movement of grabbing the chest, touching the hips, and oppression, which is more popular; the semi -naked boxing is to use a fist to play a powerful fist, and to conduct a more real form of competition under the less protective equipment as possible;With high -heeled shoes, it is more novel. The players need to master the combination of the walking posture of high heels and wrestling skills, and pay more attention to the charm of women.


The sexy lingerie fighting skills are not simple, and the players need enough strength, speed, agility, endurance and other qualities.In the game, players need to flexibly use their physical and strategies to find the weaknesses of their opponents and use it.At the same time, all kinds of skills such as kicking, falling, and entanglement require players to attack and defense carefully, and create as many attack opportunities as possible.

Protective measures

Interest underwear fighting is a relatively dangerous form of entertainment and competition, so players’ protection measures are very important.The first is to choose a sexy underwear that meets your body size and needs in order to perform more comfortable and free competitions. The second is to wear protective measures such as helmets, chest protection, leg protection and gloves, as well as cushion and other protection measures to avoid causes from cause causeDuring the game, injuries caused by falling and bumps.

Competition process

The process of sexy underwear fighting competitions is generally: guest introduction, player entry, model performance, player nude body, official start, competition results, announcement, award ceremony and other links.During the game, the players need to compete under the instructions of the referee. The game time is divided into multiple rounds. Each time is generally about five minutes. During the game, the game time and rules will be adjusted according to the score, and the score will be determined by the score.


Although sexy lingerie fighting is a special way to match, there are certain security problems.Before participating in the competition, players must carefully understand the rules and protective measures of the game to avoid injuries.At the same time, during the game, we must abide by the rules and respect the opponents, and do not interfere with the fair and healthy competitive environment of the competition because of the competition.

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