Women’s sexy underwear sports

There are many types of women’s sexy underwear. In addition to pursuing sexy and stylish appearance, they also need to pay attention to comfort and functionality.In daily life, if women have the right choice and match, sexy underwear can also be worn with various occasions and various activities.This article will share the skills and suggestions of women’s sex lingerie and sports.

Select the sexy underwear of breathable and soft materials

The body sweats during exercise, and the underwear is attached to the skin to lock the heat, which is easy to make people feel uncomfortable.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, it is best to choose breathable and soft materials such as cotton and breathable fabrics.This fabric can absorb sweat and moisture, keep the skin dry, and reduce unnecessary discomfort.In addition, the fabric of the underwear must be carefully screened, preferably soft, antibacterial and easy to clean.

Fundy underwear with certain elasticity and support

During exercise, women need a sexy underwear that can support the chest to reduce the shaking and squeezing of the chest.To achieve this, sexy underwear should have certain elasticity and support, which is conducive to the fixation and support of the chest.For strenuous exercise such as running, you can choose the style of the underwear cup with a steel ring to lock the position of the chest to reduce shaking and friction.

Choose no trace underwear to reduce friction

During exercise, putting seamless shorts and corset on the frictional area can effectively reduce the degree of friction and avoid forming fat and subcutaneous hemorrhage.During the exercise, once the sexy lingerie and other clothing are friction, it is easy to cause skin allergies and friction damage.From comfort and protection, the selected sexy underwear should be fully considered.

Choose the right style of sexy underwear

For exercise, different types of sporting sexy underwear are different.For example, high -intensity exercise, such as dancing and running, it is recommended to choose some styles of high collar or cross -flower buckle.Sports vests are ideal choices for low -intensity exercise, such as yoga.In addition, sexy underwear should be selected according to the weather and activity types during exercise.

Choose a professional sports sexy dress

According to the purpose and preference of personal exercise, it is very important to choose a professional sexy underwear that suits you.In the market, many brands have professional lines of sporty underwear. They have good breathability and fashionable appearance. They can also help lock the chest position, reduce chest shaking, and improve the comfort and effect of exercise.

Choose a suitable size of sex underwear

Inappropriate sexy underwear affects the effect and comfort of the movement.Therefore, you should ensure that you should choose a suitable sex underwear to avoid uncomfortable wear.Suitable erotic underwear can not only improve self -confidence, but also bring you great spiritual comfort.

With the right sports clothing

Although sexy underwear plays a vital role in exercise, it is as important as the combination of sportswear.The match between sexy underwear and sportswear should be harmonious to ensure the unity and comfort of the entire dress.Compared to tights or too loose sportswear, suitable sportswear can make sexy underwear better.

After exercise, maintain sexy underwear

After exercise, sexy underwear should be cleaned and maintained in time for the next use.Because the skin sweats during exercise, the sexy underwear is prone to odor and stains, so it needs to be cleaned in time.At the same time, it should be avoided when washing the heat or strong cleaning agent to maintain the softness and comfort of sexy underwear.

To sum up, women can choose comfortable, elastic and breathable sexy underwear to prevent friction during exercise, reduce shaking and squeeze, and ensure the health and safety of the body.And the appropriate sexy lingerie can bring higher self -confidence and exercise effects, balance practical and aesthetic underwear matching, bringing yourself a full range of comfort.

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