Yellow sexy sheet

Type of yellow sex lingerie

Yellow sex underwear is an exciting and seductive women’s underwear, which is usually used for romantic occasions or sex games.The yellow sex lingerie includes a variety of styles and shapes, which can be fully covered or more skin, giving a sexy and mysterious feeling.

Transparent sexy sheet

Transparent sexy underwear is the first choice for many women. This underwear is generally used in lace, silk, or decorative gauze nets to expose more skin and highlight the sexy characteristics of women.

Binding underwear

Best underwear can bring fun and stimulation to sex games. Some restraint underwear uses lace and leather materials, and some use a thin gauze net, which can wrap the body tightly and increase the taste and mystery.

Sexy Bikini underwear

Sexy Bikini underwear is another very popular yellow love lingerie style. This underwear is usually made of silk material. The tight design can highlight the body’s body curve and make the body look more sexy and charming.


Small vests are a very simple yellow sexy underwear. Due to the simple design, the body can be fully exposed and the sexy atmosphere can be increased.

Perspective underwear

Perspective underwear is a sexy yellow sex lingerie. It is usually made of translucent or transparent materials. It is wearing strange holes or patterns in the design, which can increase interest and mystery.

Naked underwear

Naked underwear has always been the choice of many women. This underwear design is simple, and a large number of exposed skin makes women look more sexy and charming.

Business sexy jelly

Business sexy underwear is suitable for business occasions. Although the design is conservative, it can still increase the sexy atmosphere of women. This underwear is simple, comfortable, and suitable for daily wear.

Interesting underwear maintenance and cleaning skills

Sex underwear should be cleaned at low temperature to avoid damaging materials.Do not use bleach or soft agent.Before cleaning, you should clean each part of the underwear.Underwear should not be rubbed or rubbed vigorously, nor should it be put into the dryer.


In short, yellow erotic underwear is a very sexy and charming underwear style, suitable for various romantic occasions and sex games.No matter which style you choose, you must pay attention to maintaining and cleaning underwear to maintain its quality and performance.


Yellow sex underwear is a sexy and mysterious female underwear. Although many people may not understand their charm, this underwear can bring confidence and charm to women anyway.

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