Yicang pavement lingerie

Yicang pavement lingerie

In modern society, more and more people like to wear sexy underwear to add a little excitement to their lives, and also alleviate the tension brought by our fast -paced life.Yicangpu is a professional sexy underwear online mall. We can find various styles and styles of sexy underwear here to meet the needs of different people.In this article, I will share some common types of clothing and shop -shops, hoping to help you better understand and choose sexy underwear that suits you.

Sexy lingerie

Sexual feelings are one of the representatives of sexy underwear. Such underwear is usually more transparent, soft, and personal, and is equipped with design with decorations, such as silk, lace, linen fiber and so on.This underwear is suitable for increasing daily sexy atmosphere or flirting.Among them, the more popular types are open crotch sexy underwear, sexy pajamas, and personal fox tails.

Dance sexy underwear

Dance erotic underwear is suitable for performances or nightclubs. Usually, various bright colors and high -quality dance fabrics, such as silk, pull -ups, knitting, etc., their design styles will also be more fresh and lively.In addition, this underwear will be designed with many details such as pendants, tassels, etc., showing the shape and dance of the dancer, which is fascinating.

Mini sexy underwear

Mini sexy underwear uses sexy cutting, including ultra -short underwear, exposing thighs and high -bepes necklaces.There are also some design of skirts and short shirts. The size is smaller and very eye -catching. It is very suitable for people who want to show their sexy temperament on the scene of fun.

Lost of sexy underwear

The abdominal sexy underwear is designed to modify the body shape. It is usually equipped with highly elastic fabrics, dotted with beautiful lace and complicated embroidery to make your body more dynamic.This underwear is often used for taking photos and special occasions, and with its help, it can also modify the parts we don’t want to be exposed.

Leather sex underwear

Leather sex underwear is not only sexy, but also unique in material and texture. It usually uses leather or coating synthetic materials.Although the material of this type of underwear will be harder, it still has a beautiful texture, and the colors and texture create a unique sense of temptation.

Chest shape adjustment of sexy jelly

The purpose of the chest adjustment of sexy underwear is to make your chest more attractive and improve them into a better outline or increase feeling.This underwear is supported by fine stitching and steel rings, which can make the chest firmer and highlight your sexy, and increase your confidence and temperament in interest.

Underwear suit

Underwear suits usually contain a set of underwear and supporting underwear or small skirts, which can be used to show their willingness in the situation of interest.This set can be lace, dance design or other more concise styles.For novices, this set may be easier to use and get started, and it is also very suitable for spending a good time with your partner.

Easy to wear sexy underwear

Easy to wear sexy underwear refers to the sexy underwear that can be worn quickly and simply. It does not require too many difficulties to adjust and adjust, nor does it require too much knowledge and experience.Therefore, for friends who try sexy underwear for the first time, this easy -to -wear sexy underwear is very suitable.

In short, you can find the most perfect sexy underwear on the website of Yicangpu’s sexy underwear. Whether you are looking for simple underwear or a more complicated design, you will always find a style that suits you.Remember, choosing underwear should not only pay attention to styles, but also pay attention to sizes and materials to ensure that your underwear is suitable for your body, so that you can show the most beautiful posture.

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