You can sell sexy underwear on the idle fish

1. Can I sell sexy underwear on my idle fish?

With the rise of e -commerce, more and more people have begun shopping on e -commerce platforms. At the same time, a group of entrepreneurs have begun to start a business with the help of platforms such as leisure fish.So, can you sell sexy underwear on your leisure fish?The answer is yes.

2. Leisure fish policy

Leisure fish is a second -hand trading platform, but it is not limited to second -hand products, but also sells new products, including sexy underwear.However, when publishing goods, we need to pay attention to the relevant policies of idle fish.

3. Precautions for publishing sexy underwear

When publishing sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following:

There must be no vulgar, pornography, violations of laws and regulations;

Product information description needs to be true, accurate, and clear;

It should be clearly marked that the products sold are new or second -hand, and indicate physical photos.

4. The advantage of sexy underwear on leisure fish

As a C2C trading platform, the idle fish platform has the following advantages:

Free release of goods, no settlement fee;

Suitable for individuals or small entrepreneurs, without a large amount of capital and fixed venues;

Social attributes are strong, and more exposure can be obtained through praise, comments and sharing;

Credit -based transaction behavior can increase buyers’ trust in sellers through credit rating.

5. How to increase the sales of sexy underwear

To sell sexy underwear on the idle fish platform, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Publish unique products to attract users’ attention;

Provide detailed product information to allow users to understand the materials, sizes, styles and other information of the purchased products;

The price is moderate, and some promotional activities are carried out at the same time, such as buying gifts, full reduction, etc.;

Provide as much physical photos as much as possible to ensure that the buyer understands the actual situation of the product.

6. How to solve the logistics problem

Selling sexy underwear on the idle fish platform is a difficult problem.Unlike merchants, individual sellers do not have a stable logistics channel.However, there are several solutions:

Choose a guaranteed courier company, such as SF, Yuantong, etc.;

Choose local express or delivery in the same city, the speed is relatively fast;

Negotiate with buyers to collect or deal with face -to -face transactions to increase buyers’ trust.

7. Store promotion and word -of -mouth marketing

Selling sexy underwear on the idle fish platform is very important to publicize and word -of -mouth marketing. The following methods can be used for reference:

Attract more attention through shop decoration and name design;

Participate in leisure fish coupons, red envelopes, etc., increase user stickiness;

Ask the buyer to evaluate and take orders to increase the appointment of the store.

8. Summary

It is feasible to sell sexy underwear through the idle fish platform, but you need to pay attention to policies and publishing precautions.To increase sales, it is necessary to improve the uniqueness and practicality of the goods, and to carry out publicity and word -of -mouth marketing.

9. Note

The content described in this article is for reference only. Please conduct business activities on the premise of complying with laws and regulations.

10. Personal point of view

Personally, in the Internet era, C2C platforms such as leisure fish have given many people a chance to start a business and make money, and at the same time meet the consumer needs of more and more people.Therefore, we must actively use these platforms to create our own business value.

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