Youku sexy underwear performance video download

Youku sexy underwear performance video download guide

Sex underwear has become part of modern culture, and more and more people have begun to appreciate and buy.As one of China’s largest online video websites, Youku provides a lot of erotic underwear -related videos.In this article, we will provide you with some useful suggestions and techniques to help you download the video video video on Youku.

Understand the type of love underwear performance video

In Youku, you can find various types of sexy underwear performance videos.Some of these videos involve models perform on the stage, while other videos may include art photos and models of models.Determining the type you want to download is very important, because this helps you search for videos on Youku more accurately.

Open Youku website and search for the video you want

Open your Youku website and enter related keywords in the search bar.For example, if you want to download videos to show pink color sexy underwear, try to enter "Pink Sex Fun Underwear Performance".Try to use different search keywords to get better results.Youku search is very intelligent, and may have been automatically filtered for you.

Select and enter the video page you need

Once you see the video you want to download, please click it and enter the video details page.On this page, you can view the details of the video related information and the publisher’s information.You can also watch the preview of the video. If you are sure you want to download this video, please continue to read the following steps.

How to download Youku Video

Before reading the next step of this article, make sure you are ready for some necessary tools.These tools include a network browser that supports download Youku video and a screenshot tool (such as SNIPPING Tool).

Use the browser’s inspection element function

Right -click on the video page you choose to download and select "Check the Element".This will open the browser’s inspection element tool.Then, click the mouse icon in the tool and select the video you want to download.Click the timetable icon to pause the video playback.

Screenshot and copy video URL

In the case of pause video, use your screenshot tool to intercept the screenshot of the video.On the main player screen, you can also find the URL address of the video.Please copy this address to the clipboard for later use.

Use the online download tool

Now you can use the online Youku download tool to download your sexy underwear performance videos.These online tools can be used for free, and it is very easy to use without downloading.Open the online download tool and paste the video URL into the input bar of the download tool.Select the format and quality of the video you want to download.Download and save your video and complete the operation!


We suggest that you must maintain a sense of privacy and security when you choose to download the sexy underwear performance video that suits you.Avoiding downloads may cause any unnecessary trouble. Usually it is best to use legal purchases to obtain video content.

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