Yu Ji Ye Fire Black Lace Instead Innerwear Map

1 Introduction

Yu Jiye’s black lace sexy underwear is a very sexy and seductive underwear.This sexy underwear is made from black lace and silk.Now, we will better understand it by detailed introduction to the material, design and style of this sexy underwear.

2. Materials

This sexy underwear mainly uses high -quality black lace and silk fabrics. Its comfortable and soft touch and excellent quality are satisfactory.This kind of fabric is not only sexy, but also very breathable, making you feel comfortable when wearing.

3. Design

The design of this sexy underwear is very unique.It has an asymmetric shoulder strap design, making your shoulder and waist lines more slender.On one side is a hanging lace flower, which sets out the elegance and romance of women.Behind it is a long black silk belt that can make a cute bow at your waist.

4. Model

There are also many styles to choose from this sexy underwear.One of them is a soft and comfortable coaster on the chest and has a deep V design, making the chest lines more perfect.There is another style without coasters, and a more sexy vest design is used to completely display your back in front of everyone.

5. Brand

The brand of this sexy underwear is Yu Jiyehuo, a brand with high reputation and popularity.They have been committed to designing and producing high -quality, sexy and durable sexy underwear.

6. Size

This kind of sexy underwear is available for you to choose from.Because soft fabrics and elastic materials are used, the size of this erotic underwear can be adjusted up or downward to suitable for your body shape.

7. Matching suggestions

The best match for this black lace erotic underwear is a short blouse that can perfectly show your beautiful figure.It can also be paired with sexy stockings to improve the overall temperament.

8. Applicable occasions

This sexy underwear is very suitable for wearing in special occasions.Such as party, dating, Valentine’s Day and other situations.They can all improve your self -confidence and strengthen your sexy charm.

9. Maintenance method

This sexy underwear requires you to use cold water hand -washing to avoid excessive detergent, and you can dry it naturally, but you cannot use the dryer for drying.

10. Summary

In short, Yu Jiye’s black lace sexy underwear is a sexy and seductive sexy underwear.Its materials, design and styles are excellent.Therefore, it is very suitable for wearing in special occasions to change your ordinary girl into an amazing goddess.Choose Yu Ji Ye Fire Black Lace’s Instead, you will feel absolute confidence and sexy charm.

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