Yuan Jingyi Interesting Underwear

What is sexy sheet

Interest underwear is a special style underwear for increasing sexy and creating a romantic atmosphere.Different from ordinary underwear, sexy underwear focuses on decoration and design that reflects sexy, flirting, and hints.This underwear has many different styles to meet different needs and preferences.

The main material of sexy underwear

The main materials of sexy underwear are silk, lace, yarn, net pockets, transparent materials, leather or synthetic leather.These materials can increase the sexy degree of underwear, focus on the visual effects of wearing, and better reflect the beauty and sexy charm of women’s curves.

Falling underwear style and type

There are many types of sexy underwear, which can be summarized as the following:

Ordinary style: Like ordinary underwear, but paying attention to the comfort and sexuality of wearing.

Sexy styles: Highlight the body curve of women as much as possible in design, and pay more attention to visual effects and sexy feelings.

Uniform style: The traditional sexy underwear that imitates professional clothes with the theme of school flowers, nurses, police officers, flight attendants and other occupations.

Role -playing style: allows women to play different roles, such as prostitutes, queens, maids, etc. to meet different sex needs.

The main points of buying underwear

If you want to buy a satisfactory sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Material: First of all, choose the material that suits you to ensure comfort and health.

Size: When buying, you must buy underwear suitable for your own size. Excessive or too small will affect comfort and visual effects.

Style: To choose the right style according to your own needs and preferences.

Color: Choose the color that suits you according to personal skin color and temperament.

Make -up matching of sexy underwear

When sexy underwear is wearing, the matching of makeup is also very important.Simple makeup can make underwear more prominent, such as light makeup or thick dark eyeliner, and heavy makeup may have a negative effect.In addition, you can consider matching jewelry, high heels, etc. to increase the overall sexy atmosphere.

Washing and maintenance of sexy underwear

After using sexy underwear, be sure to clean and maintain it correctly, so as to ensure its life and hygiene.

Hand washing: It is best to use hand washing, or choose a dedicated underwear cleaning bag.

Details cleaning: Pay attention to cleaning details, such as lace, buttons, zippers, etc., so as not to stay.

Avoid distortions: Keep the underwear shape after washing, do not twist or squeeze hard.

Real and dry: When drying the underwear, it needs to be placed in a ventilated place to avoid direct exposure of sunlight.

Applicable occasions of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is suitable for many occasions, such as::

Romantic dating can increase sexy atmosphere and atmosphere.

At a time, you can stimulate sexual desire and emotion and enhance emotional experience.

Party, swimming, beaches and other occasions can create different focus of attention.

Falling underwear wearing skills

When wearing a sexy underwear, you also need some skills to make it play the best effect:

Pay attention to the overall coordination: the color, style, size, etc. of the underwear need to be coordinated with other clothing, shoes and other overall coordination.

Enhanced shaping: You can use some auxiliary tools, such as belt belts, bodybuilding underwear, etc. to shape curve beauty.

Lighting effect: If you wear sexy underwear at home, you can use the effect of lighting to create a romantic atmosphere.

Suggestion of sexy underwear matching

If you want to make sexy underwear more sexy and interesting, you can consider the following combination suggestions:

Paired with sexy socks: Wearing it with suitable sexy stockings can create a visual sexy effect.

With high heels: high heels can pull up the body proportion and increase the charming feeling of women.

With sexy underwear: Choose a sexy underwear suitable for your body and underwear style, which can enhance the sexy feeling you wear.


Overall, sexy underwear is a special style underwear that can increase sexy, enthusiastic, and interesting.It can wear it under various occasions to increase the sexy charm of women and create a romantic atmosphere.Pay attention to certain skills and methods in terms of purchasing, wearing, and maintenance.

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