Fun underwear project plan picture picture

Fun underwear project plan picture picture

Background introduction

With the changes in the lifestyle of modern people, sexy underwear, as a fashion brand with sexy and art, is very popular in the market.However, consumers’ demand for sexy underwear is getting higher and higher, and the existing sexy underwear brands cannot meet market demand.Therefore, we decided to develop new sexy underwear brands to meet consumers’ higher -end and diversified needs.

Project name and goal

Project name: muling sexy underwear

Project goal: Create a sexy underwear brand that focuses on high -end, diversified, to change the market structure, and provide a variety of new styles of classic sexy styles, meet consumers’ various needs, and create a consumer satisfaction brand.

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Market analysis

The current sex underwear market is saturated and the market competition is fierce, which is difficult to meet consumer needs.However, there is still a vacancy in the high -end and diversified sexy underwear market. We hope to fill the vacancies through this brand.

Product development

We will develop a variety of new classic and sexy styles, such as: lace sexy underwear, silk sexy lingerie, human curve design underwear, etc. to meet the different needs of consumers.In addition, we will add more conceptive elements to increase the artistic value of the product, and encourage excellent designers to create new styles.

Production Plan

We will pay attention to the quality and manufacturing process of the product, and choose high -quality suppliers to provide high -quality raw materials.Therefore, we will control the cost of production, ensure the advantages of product prices, and return profits to consumers.


We will publicize the brand in various ways, such as websites, social media, television, advertising, etc.In addition, we will cooperate with some well -known fashion and art related people to enhance the brand’s artistic value and influence.

Sales channels

Sexy Costumes

We will use the brand as a high -end and diversified sexy underwear. It will be positioned in the high -end market. The sales channels will be based on boutique stores, department stores, and online stores to ensure that the channels are efficient and convenient, and the products are exquisite.

Price positioning

We hope to provide consumers with high -end and diversified sexy underwear, which not only pays attention to artistic value, but also pays attention to quality and comfort.Taking the mid -to -high -end market as the main sales channel, the price is relatively stable, which is equivalent to other brands in the market, but there will be appropriate preferential activities during special holidays.

Product development plan

In the future development, we plan to establish a comprehensive supply chain system, and fixed excellent manufacturers will continue to strengthen management.Further expand the brand, form industry leaders, and become a leading brand in the field of sexy underwear.

in conclusion

With the continuous expansion of fashion and consumption upgrades, the sexy underwear market will become larger and larger.However, the brand actually depends more on the quality and service of the product.We believe that through continuous innovation and improvement, we can attract more consumers and ensure the future development of the brand.