Sexy underwear opening series beauty

Sexy underwear opening series beauty

What is a sexy lingerie opening series?

The fun underwear opening series refers to those underwear that uses specially designed openings on the crotch. Its design allows women to perform sexual behavior without taking off their underwear completely.Such underwear is usually equipped with a special metal hook buckle or webbing so that women can easily unlock and quickly wear them out.

What are the differences in design?

Compared with ordinary underwear, the design of open underwear pays more attention to the convenience of sex.In the choice of underwear fabrics, open underwear is usually made of soft and smooth texture, such as silk, lace, cotton, etc.And the underwear processing must also be very detailed to ensure that the metal hook buckle or webbing can be tightly fixed on the underwear.

What are the common styles of the opening series underwear?

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There are many different styles of the opening series underwear, including open crotch connecting, opening stall camisole, and bras, brackets.These underwear have the design of opening gear to facilitate the use of sex.Some of these underwear are lace or mesh, and some use gauze or silk such as gauze or silk to meet the taste preferences of different customers.

How to choose the opening underwear that suits you?

When you are going to buy a stall underwear, the first thing to consider is the size and fit of the underwear.Due to the special structure of the underwear, if the underwear is not fit, it will cause too tight or loosening, which will affect comfort and aesthetics.In addition, when buying, you should choose the material carefully to ensure that you will not have any allergic reactions to the fabric used in the underwear, and you also need to pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the underwear.

What clothes can I wear on underwear?

Due to the uniqueness of sexy underwear open crotch design, some women are worried about the problem of dressing when buying open underwear.Sexy clothing such as opening underwear, suspenders, pocket shorts, lace camislars, etc. can be easily matched.When choosing a match, you can make reasonable choices based on your personal taste and occasions.

Under what circumstances do I need to pay attention to safety?

Although the appearance of sexy underwear open crotch design adds convenience to sex, in the actual use process, it still needs to pay attention to safety.From a design point of view, the private parts are exposed, and there is a risk of scratching and infection.Therefore, women should pay attention to the cleaning of private parts when wearing open underwear, and try to avoid matching tights such as tights that highlight the private parts.

How to wear open underwear correctly?

The method of wearing open underwear is not much different from wearing other underwear.You only need to make correct adjustments before and after wearing to ensure that the underwear has no gaps and loosening, and to ensure that the hook or webbing at the open crotch is tight and reliable.

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How much is the price of opening underwear?

The price of open underwear depends on the material, brand, design and other factors of underwear.Generally speaking, cheaper opening underwear may use simpler design and relatively basic fabrics, ranging from tens of yuan to 100 yuan; high -end opening underwear uses excellent texture and superb craftsmanship, and they areThe price is usually hundreds of yuan or even thousands of yuan.

What are the ways to buy underwear?

At present, the main channels for buying a sexy lingerie -opening series of underwear are e -commerce platforms and adult products stores.Because sexy underwear is a private item, personal use of inside sanitation needs to be paid attention to. It is recommended to choose a regular brand and sales platform when choosing a purchase channel.

Is the open underwear suitable for all women to wear?

The wearer of the sexy underwear open crotch series needs to be slightly courageous and confident.The design of this underwear requires women to have a certain sexual experience and self -confidence, and enjoy the naked love experience with male companions in private occasions.If you are not in this state, then opening underwear may not be suitable for you.


The sexy lingerie opening series underwear is a kind of attempt for some female friends to seek more fun, which is mainly based on personal sexual experience needs.Women need to have a certain courage and confidence when wearing, and pay attention to safety and hygiene.Choose regular channels to purchase and correctly clean the quality of the underwear and personal hygiene problems.The most important thing is not to be limited to conventional thinking and stereotypes, try more, and enjoy sexual life.