How to flirt in sex underwear video Daquan

Why flirt?

Fasting can increase the fun and excitement of sexy underwear, make your partner more fascinating to you.In sex, flirting is also an extremely important link.The purpose of flirting is to improve the sense of accomplishment of sex and completely relax the body and psychology.

Choose a suitable sexy underwear

In flirting, it is essential to choose the right sexy underwear.Choose the appropriate sexy underwear according to your body and preferences, so that your flirting is more attractive.

Try different erotic lingerie styles

Different sexy lingerie styles can bring different sexy experiences.Try different sexy lingerie styles so that you can have more fun and excitement in flirting.

With the help of music and candlelight to set up the atmosphere

When flirting, candlelight and music are essential elements.Candlelight can set out a romantic and warm atmosphere, while music can increase the emotional effect of flirting.

Show your body at multiple angles

When flirting, showing your body with multiple angles can make you and your partner know the other person’s body better.Learn to appreciate and express your body’s beauty, which can make your partner more fascinated by you.

Adjust posture and movement

Adjusting posture and movement are also a very important link in flirting.In sex, adjusting posture and movements can increase the fun and excitement of sex, making it easier for you and your partner to reach orgasm.

Master the wearing skills of sexy underwear

In flirting, wearing sexy underwear skills are also very important.To master the correct way of dressing, make you and your partner more fascinating the sexy effects brought by the sexy underwear.

Breaking the embarrassing situation

Sometimes, there are some embarrassing situations in flirting.We must be good at giving play to their imagination, resolving an embarrassing situation, and creating a more exciting and joyful environment.


Fasting sexy underwear can bring more fun and excitement in sex.To choose suitable sexy underwear, show your body in multiple angles, master the wearing skills of sexy underwear, and use your imagination to break the embarrassing situation.Only in this way can you and your partner reach a more perfect state in sex.

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