Where to wholesale market in Wenzhou sexy underwear

Wholesale and sexy container from Wenzhou market

In recent years, the sexy underwear market has developed rapidly in recent years, especially in Wenzhou, the market’s market is getting bigger and bigger.Many people want to know, where is Wenzhou’s sexy underwear wholesale market?Today, let’s share the relevant information of Wenzhou’s sexy underwear wholesale market.

1. Market review

The Wenzhou market is one of the famous sexy underwear trading markets in the country, and has concentrated all kinds of style of sexy underwear.The market size is large, there are many operators, and the prices are competing with each other.It also involves underwear auxiliary materials, industrial equipment, production raw materials and other industries.

2. The benefits of Wenzhou sexy underwear wholesale

Wenzhou sexy underwear wholesale can save procurement costs.It is very practical when buying a lot of sexy underwear, and the price is relatively favorable.At the same time, you can find magnificent design and products to increase market competitiveness.

3. The location of Wenzhou sex underwear wholesale market

The Wenzhou market is relatively scattered. There are two major sexy underwear wholesale markets.

4. Wencheng Beimen’s location and scale of the wholesale market

Wencheng Beimen’s Innerwear Wholesale Market is located in the Wencheng Beimen Industrial Zone, with a market area of more than 3,000 square meters.The market brings together sexy underwear manufacturers, agents and industrial enterprises from all over the country.

5. Wencheng Beimen’s features of the sex underwear market

Beimen’s sex underwear market is mainly engaged in mid -to -high -end sexy underwear, including beautiful breast underwear, body -shaping underwear, lace underwear, sexy underwear and other series.Commodities in the market can meet the needs of various customers, and concentrate their efforts to build a first -class brand of Wenzhou sexy underwear.

6. Wencheng’s location and scale of the sexy underwear market

Wencheng’s sexy underwear market is located on Zhang Shi Avenue, where the city exports is relatively convenient. The market area is about 4,000 square meters.It covers sexy underwear, underwear, accessories, machinery and equipment, etc. It is a trading center similar to the sexy underwear industry.

7. Wencheng’s characteristics of the sexy underwear market

Most of them are low -end businesses, including factories, wholesale and retailers, and the quality is uneven.However, because this is an industrial trading center, many small and medium -sized enterprises seeks market and cooperation opportunities here, so they have a unique trading atmosphere and business model.

8. The traffic and accommodation of Wenzhou’s sexy underwear wholesale market

Market name: Wencheng Beimen Sexy Lingerie Wholesale Market

Address: Beimen Industrial Zone, Wencheng County, Wenzhou City

Transportation route: Take a bus No. 12 to Wencheng intersection (or set off from the city center, pass the Sandang Tunnel to the south along the 105 National Highway, and to load and unload the cargo market in Beimen Industrial Zone, that is, parking here)

Accommodation recommendation: There are many express hotels, mid -range hotels and special homestays to choose from.The price ranges from tens to hundreds.

9. How to purchase in Wenzhou Fun Underwear Wholesale Market

Entering the market can find representatives in the market to purchase or directly contact a store or manufacturer to purchase.There are a large number of goods and a variety of options in the market.You can purchase according to the needs of customers. The larger the order volume, the lower the unit price.

10. Summary

Through the above analysis, we can understand that the Wenzhou market is one of the well -known domestic sexy underwear trading markets. Wenzhou’s sexy underwear wholesale market is distributed in Wencheng Beimen’s fun underwear wholesale market and Wencheng’s sex lingerie market.Here wholesale sexy underwear can save procurement costs while increasing market competitiveness. However, it is necessary to choose cautiously when entering the market to get the best benefits.

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